Features to look for in your next Bluetooth speaker

Buy your next Bluetooth speaker without any regrets

Features to look for in your next Bluetooth speaker

If you thought that making the call to get a new Bluetooth speaker is challenging, get ready to select your next speaker, which isn’t a walk in the park either. With the sheer options available in the market today, making a well-informed purchase for any electronics is hard enough, and speakers are no different. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help, and if you’re clueless about what to look forward to in your next speaker, here are some of the top important features you should be looking for.

Top features to look for while purchasing a new Bluetooth speaker

The market is flooded with choices, but instead of focusing on which is the newer and older speaker, set your sights on the new key features you should be looking for when buying a new speaker. Check out the top features your next speaker must-have for an all-round performance and no compromises:

1) Big enough drivers: Drivers aren’t everything when it comes to sound quality, but bigger drivers generally mean better, richer sound. One of the things to make sure of while purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is knowing how big the drivers are. You will also need to factor in whether you will be using the speaker indoors in your room or whether you will be taking it on road trips. A bigger driver, in most cases, will give you better audio output at least in terms of sheer loudness.

2) Sturdy build: This is not a feature but a must-have design aspect if you plan on using the speaker outdoors. Speakers are exposed to the elements, as well as bumps, impacts and drops. A sturdy design is what will determine how much these aspects will take a toll on the over all lifespan of your speaker. When buying a speaker, look for red flags like flimsy, bendy or rattling parts. Choose longer-lasting materials such as rubber and metal that can easily withstand a fair bit of tumble and toss.

3) Newer Bluetooth version: As the name suggests, you will require Bluetooth to connect your source device to your Bluetooth speaker. However, the Bluetooth standard has many versions and which one your speaker supports will determine what capabilities your speaker will have as well as how well its battery will last on extended use.

A quick Google search ahead of your trip to the electronics store will let you know which is the lastest Bluetooth version right now. Remember that buying a speaker that comes with the latest Bluetooth version also means your speaker is future-proof for the next few years, while being more reliable in terms of connectivity.

4) Long-lasting battery: Nobody wants a new Bluetooth speaker with mediocre battery life. In fact, your battery life, which is the amount of power your speaker can hold per charge, is the one factor that is set to gow down over the years with regular use. So, if you settle a sub-par battery life, know that it will only get worse.

Also, don’t rely on the battery life figures manufacturers have on the box, as these are estimated figures calculated in controlled environments at select volume levels. Only use manufacturer battery life numbers as an estimate and a comparison tool. Also, remember that with bigger batteries come more weight and bulk. If you use your speakers often, then you need to strike a balance between portability and battery backup.

Speaker features


5) Good port selection: Bluetooth is great, but for an all-round experience, most speakers will also come with ports to connect source devices when Bluetooth is not an option. A decent Bluetooth speaker should have an array of useful ports such as a USB Type-C port for charging, a 3.5 mm port for wired aux connectivity and if required, a slot for putting in a MicroSD card. If you have other needs, make sure the respective ports are there on the speaker you’re considering buying.

6) Water resistance: Not everyone who buys a Bluetooth speaker plans to use it outdoors, but it is always a good idea to go with one that will have some form of water resistance. Understand that water resistance is not just a feature that protects your speakers from liquid damage, but also helps when you have to clean your speakers, allowing you to simply wash them or use a damp cloth with peace of mind. You also never know when you might want to use your speaker on the beach or at a pool party.

7) Advanced connectivity: Bluetooth today allows for a number of features that you probably did not know about. This includes multi-point connectivity (one speaker being able to multiple source devices) as well as daisy chaining (the ability to link two or more speakers together for a stereo effect).

Note that these are some of the top features based on the needs of most users. However, if your needs are different, you may prefer other, more niche features over some of the ones we mentioned above, and that’s fine. Your speaker-buying journey is a personal one, and you should take a call on which features are important to you and which ones aren’t.

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