Nothing OS 2.5.5 update brings ChatGPT integration, other new features to Nothing Phone (1)

Here’s what you need to know about the latest update for your Nothing device

Nothing OS 2.5.5 update brings ChatGPT integration, other new features to Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing, along with the launch of the Ear and Ear (a), also announced the new Nothing OS 2.5.5 update. The update brings with it several new features and bug fixes, which we’ll be talking about in just a bit.

The update, which recently made its way to the Nothing Phone (2) and the recently launched Nothing Phone (2a), is now finally here for the Nothing Phone (1). Here’s what you need to know.

ChatGPT integration on Nothing OS 2.5.5

The new Nothing OS 2.5.5 update brings with it several new features. Perhaps the most exciting of which, is a ChatGPT integration. With the Nothing OS 2.5.5 update, you can now initiate voice chats with ChatGPT, via a gesture in the Nothing X app, as well as the Nothing Ear, Ear (a), as well as the Nothing Ear (1) and Nothing Ear (2). Additionally, there’s also new ChatGPT widgets on offer, as well as a button on the screenshot and clipboard pop-up, to directly copy and paste text to a new ChatGPT conversation.

Other features to look out for on Nothing OS 2.5.5

There are also several other features to look out, for on the update. For example, the update adds an option for you to apply the Nothing Pack Icon only to your Home Screen, while the rest of the system remains as is. It now allows you to scroll through Home Screen pages and hold app icons at the same time. This allows you to move them around and place them as per your preferences.

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Other features to look out for are a new RAM booster option, an option to enable or disable the Quick Setting swipe-down page on the lock screen of your Nothing device, and the option to customise icons in the status bar.

There’s also a new AI-powered algorithm, which smartly adjusts the screen brightness according to outdoor conditions, and the Quick Settings tiles have been reordered as well. for improved accessibility, and new animations to its widgets have been added as well.

Bug fixes include faster response times when toggling the Bluetooth on the device, and a Wi-Fi issue wherein it would automatically disconnect from networks at times.

How to install Nothing OS 2.5.5 on your Nothing Phone?

To check if your Nothing Phone (1) has received the Nothing OS 2.5.5 update, head to the settings app on your device. From there, tap on System, and System Update on the subsequent screen. Here, should the update be available for your phone, tap on the option to download and install the update on your device. Bear in mind, it still might be just a little while before you see the update on your device, as it is being rolled out gradually, in a phased manner.

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