Nvidia’s all-in-one app: The replacement for the GeForce Experience

The new ‘Nvidia app’ will combine the features of the Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience into a single unifying app

Nvidia’s all-in-one app: The replacement for the GeForce Experience

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app has so far been the de-facto app for managing the various tools, service, and GPU features that Nvidia’s graphics cards offer. The app integrates Nvidia’s various services under a section called ‘Broadcast’, which includes GPU-powered background noise removal, background removal in video, game capture and streaming, video compression, and more. 

The app also provides tuned profiles for most of the popular video games so you can extract the maximum performance from your card. Lastly, GeForce Experience also incorporates a system for automatically tracking and updating GPU drivers per your settings.

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This app has two limitations, however.  First, the core GPU management features can only be accessed via a separate control panel called Nvidia Control Panel, and accessing GeForce Experience requires that users log in with an ID and password. In a more privacy-conscious world, such a feature can leave a sour taste in the mouth, so to speak.

Thankfully, Nvidia is now replacing both the control panel and GeForce Experience with an all-in-one app that is simply called the Nvidia app. And here’s everything you need to know about it.

1. A holistic software experience

The interface on the Nvidia app has received a complete overhaul, and login is now optional. If you do choose to log into it via your laptops and desktops, it’ll only be to access various rewards and perhaps redeem bundles and keys. Nvidia says that the functionality of the app will be unaffected by your choice to not log in.

2. Driver roll-back

One of the new additions is a feature that will allow you to roll-back to older drivers. While Nvidia’s updates are generally stable, several updates in the past have caused severe crashes and performance degradation, forcing users to use safe mode and other workarounds to revert to an older driver. A roll-back feature is thus nice to have.

3. Better performance tracking

Another new feature is a redesigned and more comprehensive performance tracker. Information like frame-rate, render latency, and even PC latency are now tracked in a separate interface as well as via a more customisable overlay.

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This should give tech-savvy users as well as reviewers and streamers access to more relevant information in a friendlier UI.

4. New AI filters

The GeForce Experience app supported a feature called FreeStyle that let you add an overlay or filter over your games. Much like Instagram filters, these filters changed the way the game looked and ranged from useful to funny. Nvidia will be incorporating new AI-powered filters to the list in the Nvidia app, including RTX HDR for adding HDR effects to games that don’t have the feature, dynamic vibrance for punchier colours, and more.

5. Sign-in bonuses

As mentioned earlier, Nvidia will be making sign-in optional, but they’re also incentivising it with bonuses and goodies. Right now, signing into the beta for the Nvidia app gets you a one hour Double XP boost as well as a one hour Double Weapon XP Boost in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, for example.

The Nvidia app beta is available today and you can download it here. The app is still missing features like ShadowPlay, AV1 encoding support – a higher-quality compression algorithm for live streaming and uploading videos to YouTube, DLSS controls, more overclocking options, among other things. If you use an Nvidia card, you might want to join the beta simply to experience what Nvidia has in store for you, and to perhaps help shape the future of the app.

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