OnePlus 12 exchange offer: How to save more on your next OnePlus phone

Getting a new OnePlus 12 or OnePlus 12R phone just got easier

OnePlus 12 exchange offer: How to save more on your next OnePlus phone

If you’re planning to get a new OnePlus smartphone, now may be a great time to get your hands on one, irrespective of your budget. This is because Croma is offering a special exchange offer for all users who want to exchange their old phone to get a new OnePlus device.

The offer includes a bonus amount on the exchange value of your current phone. The offer is available with affordable phones like the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite, or flagships like the OnePlus 12. Here’s all you need to know.

Croma OnePlus exchange offer: Which phones is the offer applicable for?

The Croma OnePlus exchange offer is applicable on three popular OnePlus phones, if you make the purchase offline from a Croma store. All users need to do is carry their old phones, and get instant discount on the new device.

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite

The OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite is the most affordable phone the offer is applicable for. The affordable mid-range phone can be purchased with a minimum exchange value of Rs 1,000 as well as an exchange bonus of Rs 1,500. The offer on the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite is applicable until February 29, 2024.

OnePlus 12R

The OnePlus 12R is the brand’s newest upper mid-range phone, offering an affordable flagship experience for those looking to get near-flagship level capabilities on their phone without the hefty price. The exchange offer brings this price down lower, offering Rs 3,000 off on exchanging all phones from Apple, Samsung and OnePlus (except the Nord series).

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Exchanging a OnePlus Nord series phone against the OnePlus 12R will get you an exchange bonus of Rs 4,000. Do note that the offer for the OnePlus 12R is only available till February 20, 2024.

OnePlus 12

The newest OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 12 is also a part of the Croma exchange offer. Users buying a new OnePlus 12 from Croma can get an exchange bonus of up to Rs 7,000 on the phone (depending on their existing phone model). This offer is also valid till February 29, 2024.

Do note that the total exchange amount you can get waived off your new phone will depend on the make and model of the phone you are exchanging, as well as the condition of the device. Walk into a Croma store to get more details.

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