Types of water heaters to choose from for your homes

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Types of water heaters to choose from for your homes

A water heater is a plumbing device which, as the name suggests, heats cold water and, in certain situations, also stores hot water for later use. This water is then dispensed for dishwashers, washing machines, showers, baths, and even sinks. It is therefore crucial to invest in the right kind of water heater for your homes, such that they offer sufficient warmth for your family while also being energy efficient to help save you money.

Read on to find out just what these kinds are, and how to go about choosing the same.

Types of water heaters

Here are the two main different types of water heaters mentioned below.

1. Instant water heaters

As the name implies, an instant water heater provides hot water immediately. Most of them provide between one and three litres of water in a go. So, if you only need a water heater only for a one or maybe two-person household, an instant water heater is an excellent option.

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Although they have a smaller capacity, these compact water heaters can be deployed in small locations, and work well with kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, and tiny bathrooms.

2. Storage water heaters

A storage water heater is also known as a hot water system, and can have a storage capacity ranging from ranging from three to 25 litres. If you have a large family or have frequent water outages, you should choose a heater with a tank larger than 15 litres.

Smaller households or those living in places with a constant water supply can opt for models with smaller tanks. A corrosion-resistant water heater is recommended in places with a hard water supply to prevent material build-up in the tank.

Selecting a water heater with the right capacity

The following are some suggested capacity levels depending upon the type of water heater one chooses to purchase, as well as the size of the household.

1. Tankless water heaters

Small two-person homes require a tankless heater with a flow rate of six to eight gallons per minute (GPM), whereas larger four-person households need a flow rate of between eight and ten GPM.

2. Storage water heaters

A 50 to 60 gallon storage tank is generally enough for one to three persons. A midsize 80-gallon storage tank helps take care of at least three to four people in a go, whereas larger tanks than that can easily take care of between four and six people.

3. Solar water heaters

A 150-litre capacity solar water heater system can save up to 1500 units of electricity per year, based on the amount of hot water used.

Factors to consider when buying a water heater

When shopping for a water heater for your family, keep the following in mind. 

1. The fuel type or energy source you select will have a significant impact on the annual operating costs of the water heater.

2. A correctly sized water heater is required to supply your home with ample amounts of hot water while also maximising efficiency. 

Selecting the correct type and size of water heater is crucial for both, comfort and energy efficiency. Check for the same, and make an informed choice.

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