What is a solar water heater?

An environmentally friendly way to heat your water

What is a solar water heater?

In the winters, one thing we absolutely can’t do without is a water heater. The touch of ice-cold water first thing in the morning during winters is nothing short of torture for many. When out buying a water heater, you may have come across many types, including a solar water heater. So what is it? And is it worth buying? Keep reading.

What is a solar water heater?

A solar water heater system is an appliance that uses the sun’s energy to assist in heating water. These energy-efficient gadgets obtain their power from the sun using specialised solar collectors on your rooftop. Your home’s water is heated using the solar energy that has been collected. Water is heated using solar energy easily up to 80 degrees celcius. It is an economical way to generate hot water for baths.

How does a solar water heater work?

Through the use of a collector mounted on the roof, the solar water heater gathers light and turns it into heat. Through the use of a circulating pump, it transfers this heat to a water tank. The thermal regulator initiates this exchange, but only when the collector is warmer than the tank’s water. This stops the circulation pumps from wasting electricity. On the other hand, it also avoids overheating.

When the sky is clear, it is midday in the summer, and the collectors are facing south, their effectiveness is at its peak. The water is preheated and a backup system takes over to heat it to the appropriate temperature when there is not enough sunlight. Consequently, this technique can be utilised to generate hot water at consistent temperatures without emitting any CO2.

Is a solar water heater worth it?

You may harness the sun’s energy to save money and lessen your dependency on traditional energy sources like gas, electricity, and oil by installing a solar water heater system. Solar hot water lowers the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere while also lowering your long-term gas and electricity costs. They can cut your water heating cost by 60-80%. A solar water heater has no moving part so there is a very low maintenance cost here.

If you are planning on buying a water heater then you should definitely consider buying a solar water heater. It is much cheaper and good for the environment. It heats your water using sun rays and is a very good investment. However, you should note that it requires a clear sky and abundant sunlight to work. So you may not get hot water on rainy days or during winters when there is hardly any sunlight.

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