3 types of room heaters you can buy today

Winter is here to stay so brace yourself!

3 types of room heaters you can buy today

Depending on where you live, winters can be quite extreme. In such cases, mere blankets aren’t sufficient, and the only escape from the freezing winters is a room heater . But you might be wondering which one to get it. Well, worry not. Let’s check out the types of heaters available today, so you can make an informed decision.

Types of room heater

There are basically three types of room heaters that differ from each other on the most fundamental basis, i.e, method of heating, as well as things such as outer shell material, etc.

1. Fan room heaters: They are also known as Ceramic heater, Blower heater or Convection room heater. It uses a coil/panel for heating. A fan is continuously blowing towards the heated panel which spreads warm air throughout the entire room.

One of the biggest advantages of fan heaters is that they work well in large spaces and are pretty inexpensive as well. They take relatively less time in comparison to oil-filled room heaters to heat up the room as well. Another advantage is that they are more or less safer for children. One of the best examples of this type of heater is the Bajaj Majesty 2000 .

2. Halogen room heaters: They are also known as Quartz room heater, Infrared room heater or Radiant room heater. They are less noisy and are extremely energy efficient in comparison to fan room heaters. They also don’t take a lot of time to heat the space. Their biggest disadvantage though is the safety concern around children. If you don’t have pets or children then you should consider something like the Lifelong Halogen room heater .

3. Oil-filled room heaters: Also known as oil heaters, they are the only one on this list that don’t alter the oxygen level and humidity level of the space. They are pretty energy efficient and less noisy just like Quartz room heaters. But unlike Quartz heaters, they are pretty safe for children and do work in large spaces as well. The only con so to say is the fact that they are not particularly inexpensive. And they take up a lot of time to heat up the room. The perfect example of this type of heater is the Morphy Richards 2900 watt oil filled room heater .

Which one is best for you?

All three have their unique advantages, and the best one depends primarily on your requirements. For instance, if you are looking for a heater that doesn’t alter the humidity and oxygen level as well as works in a large area then go for the oil-field room heater. But if you are on a strict budget and looking for something safe for kids and energy efficient as well then fan room heaters are perfect for you.

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