What is an inverter washing machine, and how is it better than regular machines?

We lay out the basics for you.

What is an inverter washing machine, and how is it better than regular machines?

Washing machines take care of our laundry as we prioritise other essential tasks of our day. That’s why when purchasing a new washing machine, we want it to be equipped with the best features. Manufacturers consistently roll out washing machines with different performance-based features. One such feature to know about is the latest inverter technology. You have seen air conditioners and refrigerators armed with inverters. But if you’re wondering how it works for washing machines, we have all the vital details listed for you.


What is an inverter washing machine?

Many modern washing machines are inverter based (not to be confused with the inverter battery pack we use in case of a power cut). The inverter in a washing machine works on the principle of controlling the incoming current to the motor. The inverter technology detects the amount of load you’ve put into the machine and automatically changes the motor speed. If you put fewer clothes in the tub, then your clothes will be washed at minimum speed. Even with the less pace, you won’t be compromising on the cleaning performance.

What is the difference between inverter and regular machines?

The main difference between inverter washing machines and regular machines is based on how they operate. The part where we load our clothes in the washing tub remains the same for both machines.

The inverter washing machine uses special sensors to detect the total size of load present in its tub. Based on the load, the inverter technology determines the optimum speed at which the machines should run. This is achieved by using VFD (variable frequency drive) motors that run at variable speeds. Due to this, less energy is consumed. This explains the energy-efficient nature of inverter washing machines.

With a conventional machine, you don’t have any built-in structure that automatically changes the motor speed. It has bulky mechanical parts like gears and a belt. Be it a big or small pile of clothes, a regular machine constantly runs on maximum capacity. The electricity consumed also remains the same throughout. But then how exactly is an inverter washing machine better than regular machines?

Inverter washing machines are energy efficient

There are several reasons why inverter washing machines have an edge over regular ones. The main reason is the way inverter washing machines optimise motor speed. They use special sensors to determine the load present in the tub and accordingly change the motor speed. You will have less speed and maximum performance for a smaller pile of clothes. You save a considerable amount of energy in this process.

Hence, many choose inverter washing machines for their energy efficiency. They optimise not only the speed, but power consumption as well. Many studies have supported this claim saying inverter washing machines need 20% less electricity than usual.

Inverter washing machines make less noise

Inverter washing machines tend to be less noisy than traditional ones as they feature a brushless motor that causes almost no friction during wash cycles.

Inverter washing machines are durable

Inverter washing machines don’t have belts, gears, and other heavy mechanical parts, and are compact in structure. With no moving parts, they don’t require high maintenance and hence are durable.

Inverter washing machines are ‘Smart’

Smart inverter machines are loaded with great performance-based features. They have wash programs based on the cloth’s materials like wool and cotton. They also feature a child lock.

The above reasons also make inverter washing machines more expensive than regular ones. If you’re on a tight budget and need a new machine urgently, then definitely go for a regular one. With a regular machine, you won’t have to fuss about different settings, and you can learn the ropes on how to use washing machines. But if it’s the comfort of an inverter washing machine you want, then save money for a couple of months and try to buy during the sale.

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