WhatsApp will soon let you create AI-generated profile pictures

If your friends are bad at clicking your pictures, WhatsApp will soon have your back

WhatsApp will soon let you create AI-generated profile pictures

Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically generative AI, has started entering many industries, and this has even come down to some of our most-used programmes, tools and apps. Popular instant communication app WhatsApp is the latest in the list of apps to implement generative AI in some form.

Apart from recent leaks which suggested WhatsApp is working on AI-generated stickers, it now seems WhatsApp is also implementing AI in generating profile photos.

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As per a new report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is in the process of developing AI generated profile pictures in its pursuit of making the app a more customisable one.

How will WhatsApp’s AI profile picture generator work?

Similar to how many generative AI-powered image creation tools like Midjourney or Copilot work, WhatsApp’s new profile picture creation tool will also offer users the ability to create an image using a text prompt. The prompt will help users make a customised profile picture that they can then set for their profile.

The feature will offer many benefits. For those who want to flaunt their creativity in their profile pictures, as well as for those who want to avoid using their real images for privacy reasons, the feature will still offer a degree of personalisation, instead of relying on some random images obtained from the internet.

When will you get the feature?

The WhatsApp AI-generated profile pictures feature is still under development, and as a result is not even available to beta users just yet. This means those using the WhatsApp beta version app on iPhones or Android phones may still have to wait before they can try out the feature.

As a result, those on the stable updates channel will have to wait even longer to get the update which will sport the feature. We expect the feature to come to beta users over the coming weeks, after which any bugs should be ironed out, and a stable update will be rolled out.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the feature plays out, and how it adds on to other AI-powered features, some of which are now natively offered by phones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, or on iPhones via the upcoming iOS 18 update.

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