‘123456’ to ‘admin’: 10 most common passwords used by Indians

If you find yours on this list, it may be time to change your password

‘123456’ to ‘admin’: 10 most common passwords used by Indians

Keeping track of your passwords is a task in itself, more so if you’re logged into multiple devices and accounts at all times. And while it is standard practice to update your password every two months, let’s face it, there are only so many combinations you can remember at one time.

A new report by NordVPN reveals the 10 most commonly used passwords by Indian users, and there’s no surprise that ‘123456’ tops this list. It even goes on to mention how it ranks as the ‘world’s worst password’. 

Common passwords found in India

The report mentions that the password ‘123456’ was used approximately 363,265 times. It further reveals how it could take a hacker less than a second to crack it. At close second, users have ‘admin’ with it being used a total of 118,270 times.

‘123456’ to ‘admin’: 10 most common passwords used by Indians

Other commonly used passwords on the list include ‘India@123’, ‘Abcd@123’ and, of course, ‘password’, which also topped the charts in 2022. The report even cites other interesting findings, such as how streaming platforms have the weakest passwords.

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Additionally, it further discloses how passwords are getting more difficult to hack, but they remain more prone to malware attacks. If that’s not all, 18 per cent of the most common items found on the dark web for sale include passwords, online accounts and email IDs.

Practices to ensure password safety

Passkeys may be slowly taking over passwords, but there is always a looming threat of using a compromised combination that no one can predict. To tackle this, we have a list of common practices that you can follow listed below.

Complex combinations are the way to go

The best way to ensure you have a strong password is to have at least 20 characters. These should typically include a list of uppercase, lowercase and special letters. Additionally, avoid using information such as your name, birthdate, and common words (listed above) to keep it difficult to crack.

Don’t reuse old passwords

While we’re all tempted to use one strong password for every account, the report advises against reusing combinations. A common way to hack into your account involves using your password on every account linked to your name. This means if you end up losing one, there is a good chance you could lose access to all your important accounts. 

Revisit your passwords on a routine basis

Make sure you check the health of your old passwords from time to time, even if it is used with an account you no longer use. Identify any passwords that are weak or unused and ensure you change them on priority. 

Use a password manager

Typing out your passwords and keeping them in one place on your laptop may seem like the logical thing to do; however, using a password manager can do this job without little to no manual intervention. It can even help you pick, store and retrieve your complex combinations for your account. 

Lastly, if you ever feel like you’re using too many passwords, you probably are! NordVPN’s report suggests that an average user has about 100 passwords. 

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