5 appliances to add personality to your home and kitchen

Transform your space!

5 appliances to add personality to your home and kitchen

More often than not, electronics are considered a misfit within the house. After all, no one wants their brand-new appliance sticking out like a sore thumb. But, let’s face it, we’ve all tried to throw a sheet over our room heater or attempted to hide a messy bunch of wires wherever possible. And if you’re wondering how most manage to have an aesthetically-pleasing house at all times, we’re here to spill the beans. Read our list of electronics that will add a splash of personality to your space.

1. Kaff 2-Burner Glass Induction Hob

Take your aesthetics game up a notch with Kaff 2-Burner Glass Induction Hob for your kitchen. With a built-in auto-switch-off and sensor, you can ensure that this appliance can put up a powerful performance despite its minimalistic design.

2. Croma Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Refrigerator tend to become the focus point of your kitchen, and what could be better than having one that exudes the right amount of style, apart from doing its job well? This Croma Frost Free Refrigerator comes in a trendy black shade that blends right into your contemporary kitchen.

3. Aquaguard Eden Water Purifier

Clean drinking water is undoubtedly something no one likes to compromise on, but if you’re apprehensive about bringing home a bulky appliance, we have a solution. The Aquaguard Eden Water Purifier is built sleek and elegant to stay in line with a modern-day household. Packed with essential minerals, you no longer have to worry about losing out on nutrients in your purified water.

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4. Croma Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Ever had to stop yourself from getting a vacuum cleaner just because you weren’t sure where to put it? The Croma Dry Vacuum Cleaner puts those fears to rest with its edgy design and compact build that becomes a part of your home effortlessly. Apart from that, its Single Cyclone Technology cleans dirt more effectively than other variants in its range.

5. Croma 2-Slice Toaster

If your morning begins with a fresh cup of tea and toast, this Croma 2-Slice Toaster will surely bring a smile to your face with its soothing shades. Pocket-friendly, lightweight and easy to operate, get your breakfast ready in minutes because this toaster is more than just an elegant-looking appliance!

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