10 Best Air Coolers in India (2024) – The ultimate buyer’s guide

Beat the heat this summer with these value-for-money air coolers

10 Best Air Coolers in India (2024) – The ultimate buyer’s guide

The summer months are here and with them, come the heatwaves Indians dread all year. However, beating the summer heat is easier than you think if you manage to stay indoors. While ceiling fans are all it takes in a few parts of the country, they don’t quite cut it during summers in other regions.

If you’re from such a place and need some relief from the burning heat, here are the 15 top air coolers that you can consider buying. Air coolers are a great choice for users who want immediate relief from the heat but don’t want to spend too much on purchasing, operating and maintaining an air conditioner. Furthermore, air coolers are also easy to move around your home and can even be used outdoors when required.

Top 10 air coolers to check out this summer

Depending on the features and budget you’re going for, air coolers are available in many different shapes and sizes, and at different price points. Here, we will look at five air coolers each in three different price brackets- air coolers under 7,000, under 10,000, and between 10,000 and 15,000.

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1. Symphony Diet 12L

A power cooler with a good height, the Symphony Diet 12T is a great option. Available at Rs 5,590, the Diet 12T is one of the most affordable tower air coolers, which should be great for those looking to use a cooler right beside their bed. The cooler also comes with honeycomb pads, a water level indicator and a dust filter.

2. Havells Tuono 18L

Priced at Rs 5,190, the Havells Tuono also makes it to the list of affordable coolers out there. The cooler comes with an 18-litre water capacity and comes with features such as honeycomb pads, a water-level indicator, an ice chamber and wheel support.

3. Onida 85L

If you’re looking for an air cooler with great capacity but don’t want to spend a fortune, the Onida 85L is an 85-litre cooler that is available for only Rs 7,868. But while its price is certainly a steal, it also offers superior honeycomb cooling pads and built-in wheels for ease of portability. Apart from this, the cooler does a great job of blending in with the interior of your room owing to its sleek, white form factor.

4. Symphony Sumo 40L

For those who want more water capacity, the Symphony Sumo is a 40-litre air cooler that can last you for up to a whole day with a single refill of water. Priced at Rs 5,999, the cooler also comes with three-way honeycomb pads, rust-proof material and wheel support.

10 Best Air Coolers in India (2024) – The ultimate buyer’s guide

5. Blue Star Astra 35L

Keeping your space cool and comfortable stays of utmost importance in the summer months, and the Blue Star Astra 35L comes with the right technology at a price of Rs 5,990. The cooler comes with a 35-litre water capacity, anti-microbial honeycomb pads, an ice chamber and even a mosquito filter to keep pests out of your space.

6. Bajaj DMH60 60L

If getting the most water capacity in this price bracket is of utmost importance to you, you may want to check out the Bajaj DMH67. This 67-litre air cooler comes with features including honeycomb pads, a three-speed fan selection, an ice chamber, wheel support, typhoon blower technology and an auto-water-level indicator. What’s more, it is priced at Rs 10,600.

7. Havells Fresco-I 24L

Bored of the usual black-and-white coolers? Want something more colourful? Check out the Havells Fresco-i 24-litre cooler. Inspired by Fresco artwork, the cooler comes with a unique colour and a wooden finish, adding a vintage touch to the room it is placed in. It also comes with honeycomb pads, humidity control, a blower, an ice chamber and an empty-tank alarm, and it costs only Rs 7,490.

8. Croma AZ75 75L

The Croma AZ75 is a good combination of features, water capacity and aesthetics. The 75-litre cooler comes with a striking design, honeycomb pads, three fan speeds, a water level indicator and in addition to its large capacity, supports automatic water filling. It also comes with a rust-proof body, wheel support and a three-pin plug, all at a price of Rs 11,999.

9. Kenstar Glam RE 50L 

Another tower cooler with remote control support on our list is the Kenstar Glam RE 50L. This 50-litre air cooler comes with a blower instead of a fan and also features honeycomb pads, dust filters, an ice chamber and a water level indicator. With the additional height, this large-capacity tower cooler is great for giving your bed company for long hours without needing a refill. It comes priced at Rs 9,490.

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10. Symphony Sumo 115L

For users looking for a large and powerful desert air cooler to cool a large area quickly, the Symphony Sumo is a great option, with its large 115-litre water capacity clubbed with features including three-speed fan control, a dust filter, wheel support and a water level indicator to let you know when it needs a refill. The cooler is priced at Rs 16,249.

While choosing the best air cooler may seem challenging, keeping in mind the room size, budget, and usage could help you pick the right one for yourself.

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