Types of air coolers you can consider buying

Regardless of the type, cool air is guaranteed

Types of air coolers you can consider buying

One of the most common grievances one faces while buying any new appliance, is the several types of each to choose from. And this season, this is a problem more peculiar to air conditioners and air coolers than anything else. Specially, air coolers.

Contrary to popular belief, even within air coolers, there are several different kinds to choose from, each suited to a different set of purposes. While having choices is not a bad thing per se, they do often tend to make you second-guess your own decision. And that makes it all the more important to understand the distinctions between them.

Air coolers: What they are and how they work

Before jumping into the kinds of air coolers available to buy and the differences between them though, it would perhaps be a good idea to understand just what an air cooler is and how it works.  

Air coolers, as the name suggests, are a kind of cooling system which work to bring down the temperature of an enclosed space. They use the principle of evaporative cooling to cool the air in the space they are kept in. Each air cooler has three main components – a water tank, an absorbent sheet, and a fan. The fan pulls in hot, dry air and passes it through a wet pad or filter. As the air passes through the wick, it absorbs all its moisture, while the heat energy from the air is used to evaporate the water. Through this process, cool air is dissipated throughout the room. The cool air that leaves the cooler is then circulated back into the room. For this reason, air coolers are also referred to as evaporative coolers or swamp coolers. 

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They are a low-cost alternative to ACs, not just in terms of prices, but also energy consumption, and nearly as effective. Bear in mind though, they are more suited to hot and dry areas, and may not be the best fit for humid climates.  

To achieve this, air coolers use different designs and based on that design, they are classified into desert, window, and personal air coolers. The personal air cooler is further classified into room air coolers and tower air coolers.

Different types of air coolers

1. Desert air cooler 

2. Window air cooler 

3. Personal air cooler 

i. Room air cooler 

ii. Tower air cooler

1. Desert air cooler

A desert air cooler is a type of air cooler used to cool large areas of up to 2,000 sq. ft. They consume less electricity than an air conditioner, and do not rely on refrigerants or any chemicals to cool the area where they are placed. They are often used outdoors, either in gardens, terraces, or patios.  

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Desert air coolers are heavy and bulky with a water tank capacity ranging from 40 to 100 litres. They are among the powerful and effective ways to cool down a large area or a whole house. Their biggest downside though, is the huge amounts of water they consume, and frequent maintenance that they require.

2. Window air coolers

A window air cooler, commonly found in halls, kitchen areas, or dining rooms, is a mid-sized device used to cool medium to large-sized rooms. They can be fitted in a window or a wall and do not occupy any floor space. It is a convenient and cost-effective cooling device that is ideal for those with space constraints. Window air coolers can have either a water tank, or even a connection to a place where water is stored and supplied from. 

Window air coolers work with the help of a fan or a blower attached to the back that draws in hot air and pushes it through a wet pad or a water tray. The cool air is then released through the vents at the front. Their limitation is that they can only cool one room or direction and are usually fixed. They also require regular filling of water and cleaning of the pad or tray to prevent mold or bacteria growth. 

3. Personal air coolers

Personal coolers, as the name suggests, are the types of air coolers used to provide cooling to an individual, and meant to be utilised in different rooms. There are two types of personal air coolers – room and tower air coolers. 

i. Room air cooler:  

A room air cooler is a compact device placed inside a room and is portable. They are used to cool a small to medium-sized room and are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or small offices. These air coolers have a water tank placed at the bottom to store and circulate water. There is a fan attached to the top, which draws in the hot air and circulates it through the wet absorbent pad, and then the cool air is distributed into the room with the help of vents of louvres at the front. 

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Room air coolers are easy to use and maintain, and some models also come with a remote control of and a built-in timer function, ensuring they don’t consume any more power than they’re supposed to. The downside of a room air cooler though, is that you need to frequently refill water and clean the pad to prevent mould or bacteria growth.

ii. Tower air cooler: 

A tower air cooler is not much different from a room air cooler. The only major difference between the two is that the former is sleeker, and as the name suggests, taller as compared to other air coolers. They are usually placed in a corner or the side of a room and rely on swing or oscillation to disperse cool air inside the room. These air coolers are extremely easy to install and maintain. Adding to their utility is the fact that they don’t take up too much of space, and help ensure your home never looks cluttered.  

These are some of the common types of air coolers that you can consider buying this summer. We hope this helps. Happy shopping!

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