Best appliances for all Sadya needs this Onam

Making festive cooking a little easy for you!

Best appliances for all Sadya needs this Onam

Onam is celebrated in Kerala to commemorate King Mahabali and Vamana, and this harvest festival generally falls between August and September. Celebrations include a variety of cultural events, though one of the most integral parts of Onam is Sadya. It roughly translates to “Banquet”, and yes, this is a foodie’s delight.

It is a traditional multi-course vegetarian meal with 25 dishes or more and served on a banana leaf. Naturally, preparing such a feast requires a lot of hard work and many hours of dedication. One thing which is crucial for any meal preparation is the right kitchen appliances, and here are some of the best ones to make your Sadya preparations easy.

Best appliances for Onam Sadya preparations

Induction Stove

You might think since you already have a gas stove then buying a new induction stove becomes moot? But hear us out. An induction stove has several advantages over a traditional stove, chief among which is its energy efficiency. These stoves require up to 70% less energy, and up to 90% of the energy is channelled into the cooking utensils.

Moreover, since there are no open flames, it is also safe. All this combined can make your cooking experience a lot less stressful and hectic. Head over to to check out some of the latest Induction Cooktops from brands like Croma, Usha, and Bajaj.

Mixer Grinder

Sadya is known for its sheer variety of dishes, and one theme that is common among them is the spices. For such an extensive preparation, you would be required to grind all sorts of things – from tomato purees to spicy pastes.

For all this and more, you need a reliable and powerful mixer grinder that is easy to use and can be used again and again without any hassle. Head over to or Croma store to check out mixer grinders from brands like Morphy, Havells, Borosil, and more.

Rice Cooker

Rice is an almost default part of any traditional feast, and thanks to the advent of electric rice cookers, it is now dramatically easier to cook rice. It offers a level of convenience matched by very few appliances in your kitchen.

One simply needs to put the uncooked rice and water in the cooker, set a timer, and forget about it. There’s no need to constantly keep an eye on how the rice is being cooked. Explore best rice cooker options from brands like Bajaj, Panasonic, and Wonderchef at your nearest Croma store or online.

Air Fryer

Who doesn’t like a plate full of crispy banana chips? But many of us concerned about our health tend to avoid these deep-fried chips. There is however a way to eat your favourite banana chips without compromising your health. Yes, we are talking about an air fryer.

This handy appliance simulates deep frying without submerging the food in oil. It is nifty if you want to enjoy your favourite food and at the same time avoid the ill effects of deep-fried foods. Get the best deals on Air Fryers brands like Russell, Philips, Faber, Wonderchef, etc in Croma – Online and in store.


What is more tiring than cooking up a feast fit for a king? Cleaning the dishes of course. If the thought of washing scores of dishes after a feast makes you want to scream, you should consider buying a dishwasher.

This appliance gets rid of the most hectic part of cooking for you so that you can focus more on the cooking part and worry less about using as few utensils as possible. Some of the brands selling dishwashers on include Bosch, Samsung, Voltas, IFB, and LAG to name a few.

We may not be able to help you cook a tasty Sadya, but our list of appliances will certainly make your lives easy. These appliances can make the whole cooking process relatively easier and less cumbersome for you so that you can focus more on enjoying the festival and not just worry about preparing the food.

Best Appliances

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