5 best curved display phones in India

Experience immersive viewing with a curved display on smartphones

5 best curved display phones in India

Until a few years ago, most smartphones had a flat display. Curved screens were limited only to top-tier flagship offerings. Now, though, curved screens are gaining traction and are commonly found on devices across various price segments. They have a gentle slope around the edges of the device. Curved displays offer an immersive viewing experience and add to the style quotient. Some smartphones also integrate features like shortcuts that leverage the curved edges for added functionality.

Best curved display phones in India

In a sea full of options, there are a host of brands offering curved displays on their smartphones across various price brackets. From budget to mid-range to premium flagships, there’s something for everybody. To make your buying process easier, we have created a list of the five best curved display phones in India.  

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1. Realme 12 Pro 

2. Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G

3. OPPO Reno 11 5G

4. OnePlus 12 5G

5. Vivo V30 5G 

1. Realme 12 Pro 5G

The Realme 12 Pro 5G is a great option if you’re looking for a curved screen on a smartphone under Rs 30,000. It has a 6.7-inch display bearing FHD+ resolution, 950 nits peak brightness, and 120Hz refresh rate.

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The phone offers a 93 per cent screen-to-body ratio for an immersive viewing experience. The device also flaunts a premium design with a leather-textured back panel and a circular camera module accentuated by golden highlights. 

The Realme 12 Pro 5G starts at Rs 26,999.

2. Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G

If you can stretch your budget to Rs 30,000, you can get your hands on the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G which is an all-rounder. The device boasts of an AMOLED display with curved edges and with an integrated fingerprint scanner. 

The screen measures 6.6 inches bearing FHD+ resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 1800 nits peak brightness, and support for Dolby Vision and HDR10. It is shielded by Gorilla Glass Victus.  It also features a 200MP main camera sensor, a Dimensity 7200 Ultra chipset, and 120W fast charging.

The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G starts at Rs 31,999. 

3. OPPO Reno 11 5G

The OPPO Reno 11 5G is a stylish smartphone and its curved display adds to its aesthetic appeal. The 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a fingerprint scanner offers FHD+ resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and HDR10+ support. The smartphone has a pill-shaped camera island at the back. It is powered by a Dimensity 7050 processor and a 5,000mAh battery unit with support for 67W charging.

The OPPO Reno 11 5G carries a price tag of Rs 29,999.

4. OnePlus 12 5G

The OnePlus 12 5G is the company’s latest flagship launched in February this year. It has an impressive AMOLED display with curved edges and a great screen-to-body ratio. The LTPO screen packs premium features including 2K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 4,500 nits peak brightness for visibility outdoors, support for multiple HDR formats, and ProXDR for realistic colours.

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The phone also has a unique feature called AquaTouch technology that makes it usable in wet conditions. The OnePlus 12 5G is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, and has a triple rear camera setup that includes a 64MP periscope telephoto lens.

The OnePlus 12 5G starts at Rs 64,999.

5. Vivo V30 5G

The Vivo V30 5G has an ultra-slim 3D curved AMOLED display. The 6.7-inch screen features FHD+ resolution, 2,800 nits peak brightness, and 120Hz refresh rate. The phone has eye protection features including a low blue light certification. The device sports two 50MP rear cameras with Aura Light LED strip that can adjust colour temperature between warm and cool. The V30 5G is equipped with a Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 SoC. 

The Vivo V30 5G costs Rs 33,999.

Curved displays offer better ergonomics and an immersive viewing experience. However, one downside plaguing such phones is accidental touches at times. Hence, the choice between a flat and curved display entirely depends on the buyer’s preference.

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