Curved TV vs flat TV: What’s the difference?

Let's find out which one you should get

Curved TV vs flat TV: What’s the difference?

Televisions have evolved a lot in the past decade. From the resolution, pixel density, technology, and much more, it has become not only sleek but way smarter after being able to seamlessly integrate with the internet. But the primary function of any TV is to provide a pleasant viewing experience. And there is one form factor that has been in conversation against the traditional flat TVs. Yes, we are talking about curved TVs. Let’s find out what the fuss is all about.

What is a curved TV?

Unlike the traditional flat display of conventional TVs, curved TVs use a concave display that is curved inwards a little. These kinds of TVs have a few advantages, including offering a better field of vision and immersive viewing experience.

What are the advantages of a flat TV?

There are a great number of advantages of a flat TV which is a testament to their perennial appeal. These include better viewing angles, sleek sleek and lightweight design, and finally, they are also relatively much cheaper.

Which one should you buy?

A curved display type of TV was popular a few years ago and it was promoted as the better TV to provide a better field of vision. It was a better solution, it worked well but only if you are watching your TV from a close distance. It helps to give you a bigger field of vision without putting strain on your eye.

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But apart from this particular situation, it doesn’t really offer anything extraordinary over flat TVs. A curved TV that is small in size just looks awkward. In fact, if you aren’t sitting right in the center, you will have a reflective surface, and the contents would just not look good. For most, flat TVs are a more logical and natural choice. They are more easily available at a more competitive price as well. A curved TV makes sense only in a niche situation.

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