Foldable iPhone is a reality thanks to a YouTuber’s DIY project

Spoiler alert: It worked!

Foldable iPhone is a reality thanks to a YouTuber’s DIY project

A foldable iPhone – bizarre, right? But, of course, we wouldn’t entirely be against the idea if Apple tries to sell it to us someday. Unfortunately, a foldable iPhone is nowhere in the tech giant’s plans as of today. However, that didn’t stop a Chinese YouTuber and his teammates from creating a brand-new piece using a few spare parts.

The video takes us through his process of creating an iPhone that folds and pans his journey over the year. Ultimately, the YouTuber uses the internal parts of an Apple iPhone X along with various donated smartphones and packs them into the chassis of a Motorola Razr, a flip-style phone. However, the procedure was not as simple as it sounds!

The video shows him failing multiple times and resorting to the classic trial-and-error method before finally getting it right. He also mentions within the video how his ultimate goal revolved around preserving as much as he could of the donor iPhones.

To add the flip element, he, at first, seemed torn between Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but eventually ended up choosing the former. But the team had to forgo some crucial elements in the process and ended up doing away with wireless or MagSafe charging. They also had to scale down the battery life and use a tiny 1,000mAh unit within the phone to make things work. Additionally, they used 3D-printed parts to go through the exhausting process.

While the result didn’t turn out looking finished like a foldable iPhone otherwise would, there’s no denying that it functioned just like one. The phone runs iOS, and the touchscreen seems to work just fine. And, of course, the creator also gave his new iPhone a unique name – iPhone V!

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