Enhancing text on Google Docs: Underlining, strikethrough, and highlighting

Style your text with ease on Google Docs

Enhancing text on Google Docs: Underlining, strikethrough, and highlighting

Google Docs, a popular online word processor, offers a range of tools for enhancing text to improve readability, emphasise key points, or track changes. Three such tools – underlining, strikethrough, and highlighting – are simple yet powerful ways to add depth and clarity to your documents. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual user, mastering these features can significantly improve your document creation and collaboration experience.

When to use Underlining in Google Docs

Underlining text is a classic technique for drawing attention to specific words or phrases. In Google Docs, you can underline text by selecting it and then clicking the “U” icon in the toolbar or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+U (or Cmd+U on a Mac). Underlining can be used for various purposes:

1. Titles and headings: Underlining titles and headings can help to create a visual hierarchy within your document, making it easier for readers to navigate.

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2. Emphasis: Underlining key words or phrases can help to highlight their importance and make them stand out from the surrounding text.

3. Book Titles: In academic writing, underlining is often used to indicate the titles of books or other long-form works.

When to use Strikethrough in Google Docs

Strikethrough, often associated with correcting errors, has broader applications in Google Docs. You can apply strikethrough by selecting the text and clicking the “S” icon with a line through it in the toolbar or using the shortcut Alt+Shift+5. Strikethrough serves several purposes:

1. Tracking changes: In collaborative documents, strikethrough is invaluable for showing edits and revisions, allowing everyone to see what has been removed or altered.

2. Showing deletions: Strikethrough can indicate text that has been intentionally removed from a final draft, providing a record of the editing process.

3. Creative uses: Strikethrough can be used for stylistic effects, such as indicating sarcasm or irony in informal writing.

When to use Highlighting in Google Docs

Highlighting is a versatile tool for adding visual emphasis to your text. Google Docs offers a wide range of highlighting colours, accessible by selecting the text and clicking the highlighter icon in the toolbar. Highlighting can be used for:

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1. Key points: Highlighting important information helps readers quickly identify the most relevant parts of a document.

2. Organisation: Using different colours to highlight different types of information can create a visual structure for your document.

3. Collaboration: In shared documents, highlighting can be used to draw attention to specific sections that need feedback or discussion.

Combining features for maximum impact

While each of these features is useful on its own, they can be even more powerful when combined. For example, you could highlight a key phrase and then underline it for additional emphasis. Alternatively, you could use strikethrough to show that a highlighted section has been revised or removed. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your needs.

To ensure your document remains clear and easy to read, use formatting features sparingly. Overusing them can lead to a cluttered and difficult-to-navigate document. When highlighting, choose colours that are easy to read and provide good contrast with the background. Consistency is also key; applying the same formatting conventions throughout your document will create a cohesive and professional appearance.

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Underlining, strikethrough, and highlighting are essential tools for enhancing text in Google Docs. By mastering these features, you can create documents that are not only informative but also visually appealing and easy to navigate. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual user, these tools can help you to communicate your ideas more effectively and make your documents stand out. 

So, the next time you’re working on a document in Google Docs, don’t hesitate to experiment with underlining, strikethrough, and highlighting to see how they can improve your work.

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