All you need to know about the symbols on your AC remote

The AC remote is often the only way to control your air conditioner. Here's what each of the symbols on your AC remote mean.

All you need to know about the symbols on your AC remote

Summer is upon us and your air conditioners are likely already working full-time. More often than not, your AC remote is the only way for you to operate your AC (remember how you struggled the last time the batteries ran out?). And so it may not be a terrible idea to understand what those symbols on your AC remote actually mean, would it?

Different AC modes and symbols and what they mean

You can make or break your AC’s performance and energy efficiency by understanding the symbols on your AC remote. We’re here to help you do just that. Here are the different symbols one finds on their AC remote and what they mean.

1. Cool mode (snowflake symbol)

A snowflake represents your AC’s cooling mode. As the name probably already suggests, the AC, in this mode, will work to bring the room’s temperature down rapidly. 

2. Fan mode (fan symbol)

When an AC is in fan mode, it doesn’t cool or heat the room. Instead, it merely does the job of circulating air in the room, while keeping the temperature constant.

3. Auto mode

The auto mode in a AC, enables it to operate automatically according to the ambient temperature. To maintain a constant temperature, it will alternate between cooling and heating modes as necessary.

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Due to its ability to limit excessive cooling or heating, this mode helps the AC run in an energy-efficient manner.

4. Heat mode (sun symbol)

In this mode, your ACs heats the room. It works by capturing heat from the outdoor air and releasing it indoors. This is especially helpful during the winter.

5. Dry mode (water droplet symbol)

The purpose of dry mode is to eliminate excess moisture from the air. It helps in humid climates because it lowers humidity levels, which helps ensure a comfortable living space.

6. Energy-saving mode (leaf symbol)

The leaf symbol indicates the energy-saving mode. When turned on, your AC turns off once your desired temperature is reached in the room, and turns on again when it changes. This helps lower energy costs and is environmentally beneficial.

7. Timer mode (clock symbol)

A clock represents the timer feature of your AC. This lets one select a particular time when they want their AC to turn off. This ensures your AC works only as much as you need it, helping reduce electricity bills and elongating the AC’s lifespan.

8. Sleep mode (moon symbol)

The moon represents your sleep mode on your AC. When turned on, this mode gently raises and lowers the temperature all through the night to create a comfortable, cosy environment. It promotes energy conservation and ensures a good night’s sleep.

9. Swing mode (horizontal arrow symbol)

The direction of the airflow is controlled using swing mode, which is represented by horizontal arrow symbols. It enables the AC to horizontally oscillate its vents, dispersing cool or warm air equally across a room. By doing this, hot or cold patches are eliminated.

10. Vertical swing mode (vertical arrow symbol)

The vertical swing mode is represented by vertical arrow symbols, and regulates the air vents’ vertical movement, ensuring even dispersion of air from floor to ceiling.

11. Turbo mode (Speed or lightning bolt symbol)

Your AC can run at full capacity in the turbo mode, which is symbolised by a lightning or speed sign and provides quick cooling or heating. It comes in handy when you need to change the temperature of your space swiftly.

Like we said, the key to maximising comfort and energy utilisation from your AC is to be familiar with the numerous symbols and modes on your AC’s remote.

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