Five ways you can get your work done smartly using dual screen laptops

Revolutionise your productivity

Five ways you can get your work done smartly using dual screen laptops

Innovation never sleeps in the world of laptops. Among the recent trends on the rise, dual screen laptops have been nothing short of transformative. These laptops not only amaze us with a second screen but also provide a seamless gateway to enhanced productivity, streamlining tasks, and an array of other benefits that can transform the way you work.

Check out the ways you can utilise a dual screen laptop and enhance your productivity like a breeze.

1. Switch between apps seamlessly

You can multi-task across different apps by managing your app windows across the displays. To navigate across all the applications opened on the screens, you can drag and release any app on your preferred display screen to cross-reference content or to use companion apps simultaneously.

2. Work on an expanded display

A blessing to coders, artists, animators, and video editors, this is one of the standout features of dual screen laptops. If you drag a window from one screen to another, the visual will split and roll between the main screen and the secondary screen. Whether you are colour correcting or working on anything with exclusive details, an expanded display can make any complex task more manageable and efficient.

3. Group and organise apps

You can organise and group your apps according to utility and priority with a single swap. Keeping your primary tasks on the first screen is recommended, while communication software, calendars, and project trackers can be kept on the second screen. Break free from the clutter of unnecessary apps and minimise interruptions in a focused flow state.

4. Swap tasks with ease

You can always swap your tasks by moving them across the two screens. Pull up your tasks anytime, depending on your needs, minus the hassle of closing or reopening tabs. Optimise your workflow and ensure maximum productivity while leading to a smarter and more efficient work style.

5. Draw and take notes

We have all been through situations where we felt too lazy to take out our diaries or to type out our thoughts when sudden ideas popped up! But the struggle is no more with dual screen laptops, as you can scribble, doodle, or paint your thoughts by tapping on the secondary screen. Let your creativity flow with notetaking and recording your thoughts the natural way.    

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If you are looking for an ideal dual screen laptop that may streamline and optimise your workflow, check out the ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo 2022 Intel Evo Core i7 12th Gen with Intel Core i7 12th Gen Processor. This powerful studio laptop features a full-width 4K screen pad along with a main 4K UHD OLED display. Opt for a dual screen laptop today and revolutionise your workstyle. Work smarter and not harder! 

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