Google Chromebooks finally get AI-integration with some cool Gemini features

Chromebooks are set to get much smarter with AI

Google Chromebooks finally get AI-integration with some cool Gemini features

We’ve seen some of the best AI features coming to several laptops, iPhones, and Android phones over the past year, but Chromebooks have been left behind when it comes to AI integration, despite the progress Google has been making in the AI space.

Well, that changes now. Earlier this week, Google announced that it will be bringing Gemini AI to Chromebooks to help the laptops make the most of AI. The new features include system-wide applications of text-generation, custom wallpapers powered by generative-AI and more. Here’s everything you need to know.

Google Gemini on Chromebook: What’s new?

The new features coming to Chromebook include the following:

Help me Write

Chromebook users can now use Gemini’s ‘Help me Write’ feature anywhere. This allows them to write, summarise and rephrase extracts or entire articles in any web app, making system-wide text generation very seamless.

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AI wallpapers and video call backgrounds

Chromebook users can also now use AI to create wallpapers, from abstract to beautiful. The same also goes for video call backgrounds. Gemini will help Chromebook users create imagery using preset text prompts or new custom ones in seconds, and these can then be used anywhere.

Magic Editor for Google Photos

Chromebook users can now edit photos using the Magic Editor feature within the Google Photos app. Users can now simply select a photo and tap on the Magic Editor button below it to get started. You can do things like resize objects in the photo or even change lighting and backgrounds.

Which Chromebooks get the new features?

The new features are currently coming only to Chromebook Plus-certified laptops. Chromebook Plus is a certification similar to Intel Evo or Copilot+, which is a mark that guarantees a certain set of specifications, irrespective of the brand.

While the new features are only for Chromebook Plus laptops right now, we may see these abilities trickle down to standard Chromebooks later on, although this has not been confirmed yet.

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That said, standard Chromebook users also get a bunch of new features starting today. This includes a simpler pairing setup with Android phones, quicker access to Google Tasks and the ability to create screen recordings and turn them into GIFs. Google has also thrown in a new gaming dashboard that now allow you to map controls to your keyboard, allowing you to enjoy Android games with the convenience of a keyboard.

Besides these, Google also teased some upcoming features that will be coming to Chromebooks moving forward, possibly later this year. Until then, if you’re looking forward to buy a Chromebook, you may want to first check out the differences between Chromebooks and laptops.

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