Choosing your next smartwatch like a Sommelier picks fine wine

It’s time for a premium watch upgrade

Choosing your next smartwatch like a Sommelier picks fine wine

Follow any fashionista’s advice on building your wardrobe around the old-money aesthetic and you’ll learn that a wristwatch will always be a part of the conversation. However, while the world of analogue timepieces is huge, your choices are very different in the digital world of premium smartwatches. But how exactly do you choose the right smartwatch for you? What features should you look forward to, and which ones shouldn’t you waste your money on? We’ll answer some of these questions in today’s blog.  

What to consider when choosing a premium smartwatch?


Whether you’re off on a morning jog at 6AM, on the beach playing volleyball at 8AM or struggling to get out of bed at 11AM, your lifestyle will dictate the kind of smartwatch you choose. Most premium smartwatches will have features to support everyone from fitness freaks to those who don’t like pulling out their phone and would like a quick way to reply to messages. That said, if you indulge in specific activities, you may want to check which watch can help you out with it. For divers or adventure sports enthusiasts, for instance, the Apple Watch Ultra will be a perfect fit.  

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Since your smartwatch will pair with your smartphone for most tasks and information, which phone you use also plays a role in determining which smartwatch is right for you. If your primary phone is an Android device, you may want to choose a smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, which is more optimised for Android phones and apps. Apple iPhone users, on the other hand, will benefit massively from using an Apple Watch, since watchOS is vastly more optimised for the iOS ecosystem.  

Aesthetics and size

There are round smartwatches and rectangular smartwatches, and support for third-party straps also add a lot more versatility to the look of your smartwatch. Choosing which look suits you best will ultimately come down to personal preference. Keep in mind that numerous colour variants, customisation options on the software side and as we mentioned above, third-party straps will always help you tweak the look of your watch.  

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App support

The best part about premium smartwatches, unlike budget smartwatches, is the app support on offer. This allows you to control services like Spotify or get directions like Google Maps straight from your watch. However, it’s a good idea to check for the availability of your favourite and most-used apps before you choose a smartwatch. Some specific apps may not be available on all platforms.  


Most smartwatches will have features like heart rate tracking and sleep monitoring, along with a range of other health-tracking options. However, if you’re investing in a high-end smartwatch, you should also look for the latest features if they’re relevant to you. This may include features like Apple’s remote camera access or the rotating dial on the Samsung Galaxy Watch6. Also check for features like wireless charging, which could make keeping your smartwatch powered up much easier.  

Those are the key pointers to select the right smartwatch for you and your needs. Whether it’s about matching your outfit at the next evening gathering, or giving you features you need on your next luxury trip abroad, the right smartwatch will improve your look and give you the handy features that set smartwatches apart from regular timepieces.  

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