5 things you can do with your smartwatch

So much more than a mere timepiece

5 things you can do with your smartwatch

Smartwatches, in the past couple of years, have pretty much crossed the line from a mere novelty to a device that’s universally loved and used. Their compact form factor, coupled with their cutting-edge technology and capability to perform a multitude of tasks, have made these devices an essential part of our everyday lives. Essentially, a smartwatch is way more than just a mere accessory to see the time. Depending upon the brand and price points, here are five things you may or may not know your smartwatch could do.

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Things your smartwatch can do

Control your house devices: Your smartwatch, with the flick of your wrist, can help you stay connected to and control your entire home, no matter where you are. With support for assistants like Google Home or Alexa, you can control all smart devices in your home – including your TV, the lights, even fridges, fans, washing machines, and air conditioners.

Use GPS: With built-in GPS navigation, your smartwatch can help you find your way around. Navigation functions are especially useful for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts coupled with their fitness tracking abilities. Depending on the operating system that supports your watch, you will have various levels and options for GPS navigation while on the go. To access this feature though, you may need to purchase a watch with cellular data support.

Weather updates: Smartwatches, with their built-in sensors and Bluetooth sync to your phone, can also help in keeping you updated on the latest weather conditions. This allows you to make the best decisions before stepping outdoors.

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Listen to music: Bluetooth connectivity enables you to control music and podcasts streaming on your connected smartphones directly from your smartwatch. Some smartwatches even let you do it without a smartphone. They are useful when you wish to listen to music while jogging but don’t want to bring your smartphone with you.

Customise your watch screen: Smartwatches are endlessly customisable via custom watch faces and interchangeable straps. Whatever your style, there is a watch face and a strap for you, either pre-installed or available as a separate purchase. You can customise and personalise to make it your own, or even change it completely if that’s what you like. Most smartwatches will come pre-loaded with a variety of watch faces, and also have straps of different colours and styles easily available to buy.

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