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2022 is here

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Unresolve with Croma

2022 is here. The first few days (in fact, the first few weeks) of a new year often revolve around what resolutions we should keep and how we plan to abide by them. Don’t be surprised if you seem at a great distance from what you thought you would be doing and what you find yourself doing because sooner than later, you will see how one resolution after another becomes too difficult to attain. But, you are not alone, so don’t feel guilty or disappointed. No matter how many of the lofty resolutions remain resolved, there is a great service one can do to oneself by forming habits that improve the quality of your life. When taking care of life becomes a habit, no better resolutions are required.

In today’s time, work pressure and stress can take a toll on people. “Health is wealth,” as the aphorism goes, may be truer and more important than ever before. We can avoid unneeded stress and medical expenses if we take good care of our health. We shall have a positive attitude toward our life, which will spread optimism. The longevity of our lives depends on what we eat and how we exercise our body and mind to remain in good shape. Taking care of our health should be less of a resolution and more of an everyday habit. So, for the sake of good health, we have curated a list of products. And, don’t worry, you won’t have to shell out a fortune to get these products.

Smart bands & Smartwatches

In this age of smartphones, if it is not for the fondness of old times, one would hardly wear a watch just to see the time. However, that is now changing with the invention of smart bands and smartwatches. These devices come with different sensors that make them highly intelligent. Smartwatches and smart bands can help you in adjusting your lifestyles, diets, and workout regimes, apart from keeping you connected to the virtual world. You don’t have to run to your doctor as often as you used to do because smartwatches and smart bands provide you with a good deal of health-related answers, including monitoring the health of your heart.

While a smart band can tell you the number of steps you have covered, and the calories you have burnt, monitor your sleep pattern and measure your heart rate, smartwatches have more features including a bigger display, access to an app store and better connectivity options for better interaction.

Water Purifier

Water pollution has been a major issue for the world for a long time. Pollution makes water not only unclean but also toxic, making it unsafe for human use. A water purifier can help here by filtering out all of the dangerous substances in the water and providing us with clean and safe drinking water. Water purifiers have different filtration technologies, and, depending on the water quality, you can choose to buy a water purifier with RO, UV, UF, etc, filtration methods. RO helps in filtering heavy metals and chemicals in hard waters, UV neutralises microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, and UF filters undissolved impurities in the water.

Air Purifier

Like our water, the air quality has deteriorated to a great extent. The havoc that airborne diseases can bring on us is insurmountable, as we have witnessed recently. Pollution indoors is more harmful than pollution outdoors. All of us are concerned about the increased spread of illnesses. An air purifier, which filters out harmful pathogens and particulate matter, can help to solve the problem of indoor air pollution. Thus, for our positive health, it is important to invest in an air purifier so that we can get pure and quality air to breathe. Many ACs these days come with air purifiers, so if you invest in such an appliance, you reap dual benefits.

Grooming Products

Aside from inner well-being, one also has to look presentable and carry the best look possible. So, for the glow of wellness, you can consider investing in grooming products like hairdryers, hair straighteners and curlers, trimers, and shavers. For relaxation and relieving stress, one can also get some good massagers.

Audio Devices

Music is also known to help relieve stress and lighten the mood, so for listening to music, you can consider investing in audio devices like earphones, headphones, earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers.

Food Habit

What we eat and drink determines how healthy we can be. Fruits and vegetables provide a variety of nutrients that keep us feeling young, bright, and healthy. For easy consumption, get a juicer, and keep yourself hydrated. Excessive oil consumption in our meals can lead to disaster in the long run. So, for healthy frying, one can get an air fryer that takes less oil to fry.

Elderly Care Products: Everyone is going to get old, and with old age comes different physical problems. For ensuring the elderly face as few problems as possible, one can consider getting products like a walking stick which comes with emergency LED lights and a height adjustment feature. A hearing amplifier is another device that can help the elderly hear better. In the winter, bed warmers are helpful to ensure one’s beauty sleep.

One can ensure that the house, and the people living in the house, are free from disease-spreading germs. Of course, by investing in good vacuum cleaners, and sanitisers like UV steriliser, nebulisers, and steam vaporisers. Other health monitoring devices, such as a digital thermometer, pulse oximeter, body composition monitor, glucometer, weighing scale, and blood pressure monitor also help to conduct a routine check-up.

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