On this day: Google Play is launched

Here’s how Google streamlined multiple platforms under the Google Play banner on March 6, 2012

On this day: Google Play is launched

A little over a decade ago, Google’s list of apps available for the Android operating system was a mess, including multiple applications that made the line-up somewhat confusing for many. That changed with the introduction of Google Play in 2012. With Google Play, the tech giant brought its Android Market along with a number of its in-house apps under one umbrella.

The Android Market, the source for all new apps became the Google Play Store, while other apps were now referred to as Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and so on. Google Play soon became what the company calls a “one stop shop to find and enjoy your favourite apps, games, movies, TV shows, music, and books”, and the philosophy hasn’t changed much since.

Today, Google Play turns 11 and since its introduction in 2012, the Play umbrella has undergone multiple changes. These include new icons and design aesthetics, support for gift cards, the addition of new apps like Google Wallet. The Play Store, meanwhile, now supports a trending section for users to be aware of what apps others around them are trying out.

With malicious apps on the rise, Google Play Protect has also become a part of all Android phones today, offering protection from suspicious applications and scanning about 125 billion apps daily.

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