Here’s why you should probably get a mobile phone for your grandparents

Your grandparents could use some easy-to-access technology

Here’s why you should probably get a mobile phone for your grandparents

Living with the elderly would mean there are occasional disagreements over the involvement of technology in our day-to-day lives. And it is only fair because mobile phones have evolved into a tech puzzle that has hooked up the younger generation like never before! While the “smart” phone can do almost with a touch of your fingertip, the device is still baffling the elderly as the functions can seem complicated for their use.

However, despite the hesitation, there are always more simplistic ways to get them acquainted with the technology. And what better way to get them started than by getting them a mobile phone? If you’re still pondering about the if’s and why’s, we have a list to help you make up your mind better:

Keeping in touch 24/7

A mobile phone allows you to stay in touch, other than staying connected with the world 24/7. Apart from that, it can also help your grandparents to share a joke or two with you during the day and keep themselves occupied.

Compact & multifunctional

Gone are the days when bulky landline phones took up space on the only bedside table we had! A mobile phone is a compact device that the elderly can easily carry within the house or anywhere they go. The multifunctionality element is especially crucial for grandparents, as they can use the mobile phone as a torch, alarm clock, calculator, and calendar and even enjoy occasional games on it!

Development of mental skills

A mobile phone can be challenging for the elderly, thereby keeping them engaged or allowing their mind to remain stimulated. It can assist in developing mental skills and help them ward away any boredom during the day.

However, unlike the smartphones we use today, mobile phones for your grandparents need to be slightly different for their convenience. Scroll on to find out a few non-negotiable features that a mobile phone for the elderly should have:

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Easy to use: The mobile phone should be easy to use, and all the functions need to be accessible at ease. A simple user interface should be the most coveted feature when getting a mobile phone for your grandparents.

A physical keypad: Consider opting for devices with a keypad, as your grandparents might prefer them over the touch screen feature. And yes, there are several phones available in the market that still come with a keypad!

Built-in voice command: While they may initially find it easier to type their queries, having a built-in voice command can help make their routine tasks easier. However, make sure your phone is equipped with regional languages apart from English for your grandparents’ comfort.

Speakerphone: In old age, the elderly require a bit louder sound to listen to it properly than the normal sound volume. Hence, a built-in speakerphone must be of great help. This feature has to be easy to find and control.

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