Must-have accessories for your Android Phones

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Must-have accessories for your Android Phones

Smartphones have evolved with time. From calculators to cameras and everything in between, we can almost do it all on our phones. Due to their versatility, there are a plethora of accessories that one can use with their smartphones and expand their use-case scenario as well as use them to get the most out of it. When it comes to accessorizing your phone, there are just way too many things for different purposes at different price points available on the market. Let’s try to simplify things and take a look at a few of the must-have accessories for your Android phone.

Wireless Charger for Android

If you frequently lose charging cables or want one spot to charge multiple devices, consider investing in a wireless charging pad or stand. In expansion to serving as universal charging options for various devices, wireless chargers help reduce cable clutter and are much stronger to break or lose. The comfort of being able to pick up the phone, answer a call, and plop it back to charge without fiddling with cables can’t be overstated. Apart from wireless charging you can also invest in fast charger or car charger.

Portable Charger for Android

Also known as a power bank, it lets you charge your smartphone when you can’t plug it into the charger via the conventional socket and wire charging. It is a must-have for smartphone users. They are portable, easy to carry, and best for heavy users. It is highly recommended in case you are a frequent traveller.

Screen protector

Even though the display technology has evolved a lot and displays are sturdier and shatterproof, some extra protection is always good to have. Applying a good quality screen protector can save you a lot of money. It will give you a sense of security. Let’s face it, even the most careful users drop their phones, so it is recommended that everyone gets a screen protector. This is perhaps the first thing you should get after buying a new phone.

Must-have accessories for your Android Phones

Audio accessories

Gone are the days of wired headphones that companies used to bundle in the box with new smartphones. If you have a 3.5mm jack in your phone then you are one of the rare users of this function, which is increasingly getting extinct in smartphones. Now you need to buy wireless earphones/over-the-ear headphones.

Most brands these days have their line of wireless, Bluetooth earpieces. The market is filled with numerous options. Some of the best ones in the market are from Samsung, Google, Sony, Beats etc. In the budget option, you can give it a try to Nothing, Boat etc. You can also explore portable bluetooth speakers.

Phone case

This is perhaps the first thing people look for after buying a new phone. It not only protects your phone from scratches and damage but personalise it as well. A good quality phone case can protect the back of your phone from scratches. It can also come in handy in protecting the frame of the phone in case you drop it from your hand. The market is flooded with smartphone cases. There are countless options available at a variety of price points serving numerous functions as well.

Smartwatch for calling, texting and health monitoring

Though not a must, it certainly provides additional functionality on top of your phone. Not only do they act as a health monitor, but they also help you see essential notifications on your wrist among many other useful functions such as call receiving, map directions, replying to texts etc.

For Android phones, there is a whole host of options available at almost every price range depending upon the features they offer.

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