ChatGPT gets GPT-4 Turbo-powered upgrade: Here’s what this means for you

GPT-4 Turbo is the company’s most advanced LLM yet

ChatGPT gets GPT-4 Turbo-powered upgrade: Here’s what this means for you

It’s another day, and ChatGPT has received yet another upgrade. And if OpenAI is to be believed, a big one at that. The company first announced the GPT-4 Turbo Large Language Model (LLM), its most advanced ever, in November last year. However, it was accessible only to developers. Until now, that is.

OpenAI has announced that the GPT-4 LLM will now power the paid versions of ChatGPT. This includes ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise, on smartphones as well as laptops and desktops.

What the GPT-4 Turbo model is, and what it can do

The GPT-4 Turbo model has a knowledge bank updated to December 2023, ensuring it generates updated, relevant responses to your queries. Additionally, OpenAI says that GPT-4 Turbo generates responses that are less wordy, and more conversational as compared to GPT-3.5 and even GPT-4.

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A graph shared by OpenAI on X (formerly Twitter) showing upgrades in key benchmarks from earlier versions of GPT-4 Turbo, suggests major improvements in math and GPQA, or Graduate-Level Google-Proof Questions and Answers. This MCQ dataset measures its knowledge of biology, physics, and chemistry.

In addition to this, reports also suggest that GPT-4 Turbo can process and analyse images and videos, and provide in-depth insights around the same. What’s cool is,  GPT-4 Turbo also gets something called JSON mode which, in essence, allows developers to automate actions such as sending emails, making purchases, or making posts online using a JSON code snippet.

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The updated LLM can produce a fully functional website too, with proper programming, and will be able to interpret images and text to produce outputs as well.

Who can access GPT-4 Turbo?

OpenAI has confirmed that it has begun to roll out GPT-4 Turbo for ChatGPT, and users of the platform should see an option to switch to the same.

However, ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users in a few regions, whether on their smartphones or laptops, may not see the option on the platform just yet. This suggests that the LLM is being rolled out gradually, in a phased manner.

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