3 types of portable light used for video shooting

For shooting videos anywhere

3 types of portable light used for video shooting

You can have an extensive studio lighting setup , but what about when you want to shoot videos outdoors? For such scenarios, portable lights are the best solution as they allow you to shoot videos anywhere or even in low light. These lights are also quite affordable and won’t break the bank. Read on to know everything about the types of portable lights you can buy today.

Why is lighting important for shooting videos?

One of the most important components of making a video is lighting since it lets you set the ambience as well as get crystal clear quality. With proper lighting, your audience will be encouraged to look in the direction of the subject. Lighting can also be used to bring out the textures and colour to any situation and environment that would otherwise be flat.

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Only with proper lighting characters and objects in any scene can take on a variety of appearances, like innocence, fear, happiness, eerie, and even ugliness. Lights that are overly bright or pointed directly at the camera might make it easy for viewers to miss important parts of your video. They might even stop watching your video if the lighting gets too distracting. Thus, you have to get the lighting right!

Best portable lights you can use

Rotolight Neo: It gives you both flash output and continuous lighting, and also offers complete RGBWW choices and a full-colour spectrum in both modes. This is a small and portable light that has a huge range of electronic colour filters and special effects, that can be accessed with a simple and intuitive colour touchscreen menu.

Lume Cube 2.0: Only weighing 99 grams, it is lightweight, easy to use and inexpensive. It has a USB-C and a long battery life. It is a bright light which also has Bluetooth capability.

Profoto C1 Plus: If you create videos using your smartphone, then this is the light you need. It has the perfect LED which is suitable for both still photography and videos. It gives over 40 minutes of continuous light at full power. It can be used with a variety of accessories, such as grids to change the light or a variety of coloured gel filters to change the temperature of the scene.

Choosing the perfect portable light also depends on your budget. If you’re just starting out and testing the waters, then you must get a light that is cheap. However, if you’re a professional who wants to take your videos to the next level, then you have to choose a lighting setup that is professional and expensive.

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