Unique wedding gifts for your partner

Surprise your partner in the most pleasant and unsuspecting way

Unique wedding gifts for your partner

A wedding is a happy occasion where you celebrate love. To show your love for your partner, people mostly gift a variety of things on this occasion. The typical gifts include everything from jewellery to clothes.

However, if you don’t label yourself the “typical” partner, you can take things up a notch with some really unique tech gifts. Surprise your partner with some gadgets that they might like, and its surely going to be a more memorable moment than a new pair of earrings or a new shirt.

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Sound good? Awesome! Here are some ideas for the best wedding gifts you can gift your partner, across categories.

Nothing CMF Watch Pro

Unique wedding gifts for your partner

Smartwatches have always made for some great gifts. From making for great companion devices for taking calls on the go, to assisting fitness freaks reach their daily goals, smartwatches today are very versatile. A good smartwatch that doesn’t cost much is the Nothing CMF Watch Pro, which works well with both Android and iOS smartphones.

JBL Cinema Soundbar

Unique wedding gifts for your partner

Turning the entertainment game of your home up is as easy as getting a powerful new soundbar. A quality soundbar with a woofer, like the JBL Cinema SB190 is a great audio solution for everything from relaxing music at the end of a long day, to the perfect accessory for at-home movie nights.

Portronics Beem 200 Plus

Unique wedding gifts for your partner

This may not be an optimal gifting idea for all couples, but if you and your partner love the movie experience but hate the ticket hassles, expensive popcorn and screaming kids, you can bring the theatre experience home with a good soundbar like the Portronics Beem 200 Plus, which is great for streaming your movies, or even turning any wall into a large multi-player gaming screen. The possibilities are endless!

OnePlus Pad

Unique wedding gifts for your partner

Tablets are quickly becoming one of those must-haves at home, especially if you have a bunch of smart accessories and connected gadgets and appliances. The OnePlus Pad for instance, makes a great home tablet for controlling all your smart tech. As a bonus, it is also a great device for gaming, large-screen video calls, some light work, and pretty much everything else.

Nikon Z30

Unique wedding gifts for your partner

Cameras need not only be great gifts for shutterbugs. A good camera can benefit any married couple, especially if you both have a sweet, exotic vacation lined up. While any good DSLR or Point-and-Shoot camera can quickly develop a new interesting hobby, a mirrorless camera like the Nikon Z30 is a good middle-ground for the casual photographer who may occasionally feel like stretching their professional muscles.

Those are some great wedding gift ideas for your partner. Do keep in mind though, that you need not stick to the products mentioned above, and if you feel your partner will take a liking to a different smartwatch or tablet, get that one instead. After all, gifts are about more than just the best specifications around!

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