What is a frost-free refrigerator?

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What is a frost-free refrigerator?

Refrigerators have become so essential that it is impossible to imagine a kitchen space without it. Thanks to these appliances, food lasts longer making the ordeal of preparing food much easier. Now with frost-free refrigerators coming in the market, it might be time to swap out your old refrigerator. But what is a frost-free refrigerator, and why is it better than your old refrigerator?

What is a frost-free refrigerator?

Simply put, a frost-free refrigerator doesn’t let ice accumulation on the inside walls of your refrigerator. Refrigerators without this technology can get ice build-up, which makes it hard to store stuff in the freezer. Frost builds up when the cold coils of the fridge come in contact with water vapour.

A frost-free refrigerator keeps the freezer chamber unclogged and doesn’t require manual defrosting. It melts the ice automatically. There will no frost on your food or on your refrigerator walls. They also maintain consistent temperatures and humidity level, thus, making your food last much longer. With this new technology, people don’t have to spend hours cleaning up the ice build-up in the fridge.

How does a frost-free refrigerator work?

Old refrigerators used the direct cooling technology which circulated cool air within the fridge. There was no way to control the temperature. It led to ice accumulation which required manual defrosting. This has changed with the frost-free technology.

A frost-free refrigerator has three components – a timer, a heating coil, and a temperature sensor. After every six hours, it turns on the heating coil installed among the freezer coils. This melts off the ice, and the temperature sensor works to sense the rising temperature. The water from the ice is drained into a small pan which evaporates into the air. Just as it senses that the temperature is rising above 0 degree Celsius, it automatically turns off the heating coils. It requires more energy than the direct cooling technology since the heating of the coils consume more energy.

Are frost-free refrigerators worth buying?

While frost-free refrigerators cost more than regular refrigerators, it is wise to make the investment. It is not only more efficient but will also save your time. Single door fridges rarely use this technology so you will have to invest in a double door refrigerator. In the long run though, it is definitely an advantage for big families given the extra space to store your food. Double door refrigerators usually have a capacity of 50-650 litres which is ample for storing your needs.

Frost-free refrigerators give you the power to control the temperature of the fridge which is a big advantage and allows you to keep items in a fridge for a longer time, preserving its nutrients. It also prevents odour by regulating the airflow and maintaining consistent temperature.

Frost-free refrigerators also have a longer lifespan than regular refrigerators. The only thing to keep in mind is that they consume more energy than regular refrigerators. However, it’s low maintenance as they do not require regular cleaning. Direct cooling refrigerators are also likely to soon become obsolete as frost-free refrigerators are becoming the industrial standard.

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