Wired microphone vs wireless microphone: Which is better?

Hint: Wires are your best-friend!

Wired microphone vs wireless microphone: Which is better?

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, having the right kind of microphone can make a world of difference to your content. But zeroing in on one is far from straightforward, and the confusion can start as early as whether you should buy a wired or wireless microphone. On paper, a wireless microphone seems easier to setup and comes with less hassle, but people say wired microphones have better sound quality. Confused much? We’re here to help you make the right choice.

Sound quality

A wired microphone has a direct and clear signal path, which tends to convert into better sound quality. Whereas wireless microphones may suffer from brief dropouts of sounds and static interferences. There are advanced wireless microphones that have excellent sound quality, but they come with a heavy price tag.


A wired microphone is more reliable than a wireless microphone. This is because wired microphones have a direct signal path so there aren’t any issues regarding sound quality. Wireless microphones may have frequency issues. On top of that, they run on batteries. So, your mic can run out of battery when you least expect it. Wireless technology has a high rate of failure.


A wireless microphone can be more expensive than a wired one. With a wired microphone, there is no extra cost for batteries and transmitters. However, the good news is that, even though cheaper, wired microphones have better sound quality than wireless microphones. Wired microphones tend to be about 1/3 of the cost of wireless microphones.

Setup time

If you want a quick setup, then you should go for the wireless microphone. You just need to switch it on, connect it to your mixer, and set up the transmitters. Wired microphones have the hassle of cables. You need to find a power source to connect it, then uncoil the wires. It takes up a lot of time to setup.

Wired microphone vs wireless microphone: Which is better?

The verdict is in favour of wired microphones. They have better sound quality and are reliable to work with. Your microphone won’t stop working all of a sudden on stage unless you trip over the cable and unplug it somehow. It is also usually cheaper than a comparable wired microphone. They do not require a battery and as long as they are connected to a source, they won’t run out of power. That said, wired microphones can look messy. With wired getting tangled up, they can take more time to setup and they are always a tripping hazard.

While the wired microphone is a clear winner, the choice still boils down to your own preference. For a fun karaoke night at house, a wireless microphone would be the better choice. However, if you want a professional set up, then you should go for a wired microphone.

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