2021 Unboxed: Croma’s year in review

An insight into the year that was

2021 Unboxed: Croma’s year in review

Gaming Laptops: If the lockdown in 2021 brought out the gamer in you, you’re not the only one! But we saw one city particularly standing out by purchasing the most number of gaming laptops. And of course, it is the city that never sleeps! Mumbai, take a bow because Mumbaikars bought the most gaming laptops this year!

Dishwashers: The year that was paved the way for home automation and AI by reminding us that it is alright to seek help now and then. While most are still warming up to the idea of dishwashers, Bangalore took it up a notch by purchasing the most dishwashers in 2021.

Flour Mill Machines: There’s nothing sweeter than the taste of freshly ground flour, and having the liberty to make it yourself at home is a privilege in itself! And, of course, the city that made the most of this privilege in 2021 was Ahmedabad.

Table Fans: Who says table fans are passé? Hyderabad made sure to switch things up and purchase the highest number of table fans in the country. We don’t know about you, but we’re the real fans in this scenario!

Fitness Wearables: Being at home didn’t mean Indians slacked off throughout the lockdown. While we found a lot of takers for microwaves, twice as many people invested in fitness wearables this year. Talk about keeping a tab on the new year resolutions!

Televisions: If you thought that the advent of OTT platforms meant that there’s no scope for televisions, think again! Televisions found their audience, and the 139 cms was the most popular category sold in 2021. As they say, go big or go home — but Indians took both pretty seriously this year.

Coffee Makers: If there was a year that required a shot of caffeine now and then, it was 2021! To keep up with that, Indians purchased 2x coffee makers this year and made sure that a steamy cup of joe delivers for their breakfasts in beds every passing day!

Juicers: Coffee wasn’t the only most-preferred beverage in 2021. The year brought several health-conscious people together and resulted in juicers being the most sold kitchen appliance at Croma. And there’s no reason why this trend should take a backseat in 2022 as well.

Grooming Products: Sure, grooming products make thoughtful gifts for the ladies, but what if we tell you they make an equally witty present for the men? No, we don’t think that’s surprising either. This year, for every woman, 13 men bought a grooming product. Good looks are only a click away!

Washing Machines & Refrigerators: Our best-selling kitchen appliances have their laurels to boast of in 2021. This year, Indians washed clothes equal to the weight of 22,000 dinosaurs! And refrigerators saw a drastic shift in trend, with the side-by-side type climbing the charts steadily.

Earphones: Tired of sorting out the wires? Did you also decide to be one of those who invested in truly wireless earphones this year? Because in 2021, we saw 1 out of 4 earphones bought from Croma were truly wireless! Perhaps the future is here to stay.

Soundbars: Speaking of exceptional audio quality, home theatres and party speakers took a step back, with soundbars stepping in to dominate the charts this time around. 2021 marked soundbars as the fastest-growing audio category, and we’re here for it!

Smartphones: Times where every other appliance is taking a stride forward, why should smartphones be left behind? This year marked a crucial change in trend, with the colour blue overtaking black as the most-loved smartphone shade of 2021.

Wine Coolers: Because if you’re spending half a year indoors, you may as well do it correctly! This year saw an increase in the purchase of wine coolers, which is an indicator that all of us are making the most of the lockdown. We hope there’s no change in this one next year as well!

Adapters: We don’t know if this trend is caused by people purchasing more iPhones or because they have misplaced their existing ones, but Croma recorded 20 adapters selling every hour in 2021. Either way, an explanation is due.

Air-conditioners: 2021 was a year of many firsts, but what served as a welcome change was people choosing to opt for energy efficient devices. We noticed that 2X more people opted for energy efficient ACs, and we think that’s a great first step towards a greener future!

PS5: denying that the most elusive gadget of the year is, undoubtedly, PS5! Selling out fastest, buyers had to play fastest-fingers-first to get their hands on the PS5. Were you one of the few who did? If yes, we need some tips from you!

As we step into yet another year, which presents itself as a blank canvas full of opportunities, we know it brings us the longing to renew promises, resolutions and hopes. So, here’s hoping 2022 brings fruitful returns and lots of fun numbers for us to share with you!

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