Android vs iOS: Which is the best OS for you?

The never-ending battle of the OS.

Android vs iOS: Which is the best OS for you?

Smartphone is one device that has become a crucial part of daily life. We use it for replying to important emails, getting daily news, managing our social media, and much more. From the moment you open your phone, the OS works behind the scenes, utilizing resources to give you a better user experience. Android and iOS are the popular operating systems being used currently. Both offer varying features. While buying a smartphone, it’s good to know about iOS and Android.

What is Android?

Android is the most common mobile and tablet OS. All the popular brands you know have it. As this OS is open source, you get more flexibility. This flexibility allows manufacturers to sell phones at a reasonable price.

What is iOS?

iOS is exclusively integrated with iPhones manufactured by Apple. iOS guarantees great performance and long-lasting battery life. Only high-end Android phones can come close to the iOS performance.

Between iOS and Android, we cannot declare one as a clear winner. Both come with several pros and cons. Let’s compare the features of these two operating systems.

Android offers better customisation

Android allows you to customize your phone in many ways. You can use different themes, icon launchers, and widgets to design the homepage the way we want. Some professionals who want complete control over their Android phones go for root access. Along with customizing the home screen, rooting the phone gives us a chance to increase performance. You can underclock or overclock the processor to increase battery life. Android offers this kind of flexibility to users who want to tweak their phones.

With the introduction of iOS 14 and iOS 15, iPhones offer great room for customizing their home screen. You have removable home screen widgets and an App library. You can also use a third-party app for email and browsing. Though, for messaging iMessage is the only app we use.

iOS has a better privacy policy

Keeping the data safe on phones is a priority for everyone. Both, iOS and Android, have different privacy policies to secure our phones. Android provides us with search results based on personal data like our preferences. For some, this personalized service is convenient. But you must also endure targeted advertising with it. iOS, on the other hand, is more restrictive about our personal data. You will see fewer ads popping up on Apple devices.

Android’s Google play store has countless apps manufactured by unknown sources. Users carry the risk of running into malware by installing these apps. Apple’s App Store has strict criteria for who can upload their apps on its App Store. Hence, running into malware is next to none with iOS. This way, the security policy of iOS has a better approach than Android.

OS updates are more regular in iOS

Once Apple launches a new patch, the iPhones are introduced to newer updates within the days of the launch. As iOS is exclusively supported by iPhones, you get quicker updates. You should ideally download and install these updates as soon as they are available. Apple also releases new security patches relevant to the latest security threats. This is not the case with Android. Your smartphone’s manufacturer decides when to release the new update. High-end smartphones will be the first ones to get these updates. But the rest will have to wait longer. A lot of Android phones work on out-of-date software and security.

Battle of Voice Assistants: Siri vs Google Assistant

Voice assistants help you do basic tasks with a voice command. Google Assistant is one of the reasons why many prefer Android. You use it for basic tasks like setting alarms, sending texts, and making phone calls. The assistant also works effectively with third-party apps like Spotify.

iOS has Siri as a voice assistant. It is not as popular as Google Now. Earlier versions of Siri used to work only on Apple’s native apps. Recently, Apple has allowed Siri to work with some third-party apps.

Price: Android vs iOS

iPhones cost a lot. Not everyone would like to shell out money to buy an iPhone. Android has smartphones which fit everyone’s budget. If you want iOS-like performance and stay with an Android phone, then you can also go for a high-end Android smartphone for a lower price than an iPhone.

What should you choose: iOS or Android?

The choice between iOS and Android depends on you. You must decide on the features and specifications you require. If you’re on a tight budget and only need a smartphone to manage your social media and browse the internet, then go for Android. You can also buy a high-end Android phone with performance like the iPhone for a much lower cost. But if you already own Apple devices like MacBook and Apple Watch and have money to spare, then you should buy an iPhone as it allows you to natively connect to these devices.

We hope this comparison helped you in narrowing down your OS preference between iOS and Android.

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