Black Friday 2022: Make the most of your favourite deals on Croma

Another chance to take advantage of some electronics deals

Black Friday 2022: Make the most of your favourite deals on Croma

Black Friday is around the corner, and if you have an electronics wish list in place, there couldn’t be a better time to revisit it. Whether you’re looking for last-minute wedding gifts or are thinking of amping up your space for the year-end festivities, Black Friday 2022 gives you the opportunity to stock up on your favourite gadgets at attractive rates.

What to expect at Croma’s Black Friday Sale 2022?

This year Croma promises the ‘darkest’ Black Friday sale across several electronics and home appliances . If you’ve missed out on buying some electronics during the festive sales, you will again find them all in one place. Apart from regular discounts on your most-anticipated smartphone brands, this year’s sale also brings forth a host of kitchen appliances to liven up your space.

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Beginning from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners , you can find everything you need (and more!). Eyeing your favourite smartwatch? Find deals on wearables and accessories, both online and at your nearest Croma store. And for those looking for the right opportunity to bring home their dream laptop, tablet or smartphone, we couldn’t think of a better occasion than Black Friday 2022.

How to make the most of Black Friday with Croma?

For one, keep your eyes peeled on We have several exciting offers lined up along with a week-long celebration for Black Friday this year.

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Apart from this, you also get instant discounts and cashbacks on selected credit cards. So, if you’re waiting for a sign to hit our stores, consider this one from us!

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