Braided cables vs non-braided cables: Which is better?

The right choice will make your cable last longer

Braided cables vs non-braided cables: Which is better?

In this digital age, we are surrounded by devices and gadgets. But with so many devices and gadgets comes the added burden of cables. Most of these gadgets are rechargeable and thus have a charger that goes along with them. But as innovation goes, you are always spoiled for choices. This remains true for cable choices as well. There are basically two distinct choices and both have their own pros and cons so let’s try to know them a little better.

What is the significance of braids in a cable?

The braids in a cable serve a multitude of functions. From providing additional structural integrity to not getting tangled easily, braids by design, bring small but much-needed convenience.

Advantages of a braided cable

1) Longer life span: The biggest advantage to using a braided cable is that they have a longer lifespan. Their build and inherent structural integrity makes them less prone to kinks and twists, and hence can withstand a lot of abuse.

2) More durable: Due to the presence of braids, the cable is more rigid, and durable and holds its shape for far longer. They are also less prone to fraying from their port connection.

3) More sturdy: Unlike the usual rubber cables, braided cables don’t flop around as much and don’t stick or get tangled easily.

Advantages of a non-braided cable

1) Inexpensive: The biggest advantage is that they are inexpensive. As they are pretty easy and straightforward to mass produce, they are fairly cheap.

2) Readily available: Since they are mass-produced and fairly inexpensive, they are also available almost everywhere. You can find them in any store around the corner.

3) Smooth and more flexible: The non-braided cable is mainly made of rubber hence they are smooth to the touch and really flexible.

Which cable should you consider?

There is practically no downside to choosing a braided cable over a non-braided cable. The only point of contention is the budget. Sometimes, you may find the braided cable to be slightly more expensive than the non-braided cable. But the difference is not huge.

The upfront cost will be worth it in the long run. You are advised to go for a non-braided cable only in a situation when you are extremely restricted budget-wise or you know that you are not going to use the cable for long and it is only a temporary situation.

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