5 must-have gadgets for a legendary house party

Gadgets for a party that no one will forget

5 must-have gadgets for a legendary house party

In a time where stepping out feels like a task and making a reservation looks exorbitant, flaunting the perfect year-end blowout seems nowhere close. But that’s certainly no reason to cross the idea out of your bucket list. After all, any floor can be a dance floor if you have the right crowd and tech to make it one! We have a party starter pack with five must-have gadgets listed for you.

5 gadgets to liven up your house party

Tidy home? Check. Drinks and snacks? Double check. Your best outfit – ready for the ‘gram? Check. So, now all you need are these gadgets to jazz up your house party. Whether you choose to order them online or want to run by at a story, keep this list handy to host a party no one will forget anytime soon.

1. Sony Bluetooth Party Speaker
2. Qubo B22 12 Watts Electric Powered Smart Bulb
3. Portronics Beem 410 HD LED Projector
4. Blaupunkt SBA10 10W Bluetooth Soundbar
5. Google Home Mini

1. Sony Bluetooth Party Speaker

Music and dance are unquestionably the life of the party, and Sony’s Bluetooth Party speaker is a foolproof way to make sure there’s never a dull moment. With its jet bass booster and Bluetooth light controls, it can transform your space into a club for the night. What’s more, it is portable and even comes with a long-lasting battery life, meaning you definitely don’t have to pause for anything at all.

5 must-have gadgets for a legendary house party

2. Qubo B22 12 Watts Electric Powered Smart Bulb

Of course, your home probably has enough illumination to get the party started. But the Qubo B22 Electric Powered Smart Bulb will keep it going for the rest of the night. Whether you choose to connect it to a table lamp or a wall socket, all it requires is a stable Wi-Fi connection to give you over 16 million RGB hues. Additionally, Qubo also has 16 preset modes that you can toggle based on the ambience and mood you wish to set for the evening.

5 must-have gadgets for a legendary house party

3. Portronics Beem 410 HD LED Projector

Your party looks great with the right sound and light, but there’s no reason why you can’t amp it up with a portable projector. For movie marathons, game nights or even memorable music videos, a projector can be your party’s best friend. Portronics Beem Bluetooth LED projector is a compact companion that is equipped to mirror your Android or iOS devices along with projecting media the traditional way. Prop it up at a distance and play to your heart’s content; there’s no stopping!

5 must-have gadgets for a legendary house party

4. Blaupunkt SBA10 10W Bluetooth Soundbar

Once you have the right gadgets for a movie night, all you need is a soundbar to amplify those cinematic moments. Blaupunkt SBA10 is a 10W Bluetooth soundbar that can give your party the immersive audio experience it needs to be unforgettable. It is easy to connect, and its lightweight design even makes it effortless for you to pair it with your pad’s chic interiors.

5 must-have gadgets for a legendary house party

5. Google Home Mini

Everyone needs a hand now and then, and when you’re hosting a larger-than-life party, there’s nothing quite like having the aid of a smart assistant. Whether you’re looking to book a cab, play a song or browse maps, the Google Home Mini comes with voice assistance to get pesky chores out of your way. Apart from this, it can help you control your devices remotely and will ensure you have remote access to them no matter where you are.

5 must-have gadgets for a legendary house party

Now that you have your hands on the coolest list ever, you don’t have to worry about keeping your crowd entertained. After all, there’s no better way to usher in the new year than with all the energy it deserves.

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