5 fun things to do with your smart speaker

Learn how you can make your life easier

5 fun things to do with your smart speaker

Becoming more and more popular, smart speakers today are everywhere. In fact, every major tech brand has its smart speaker. If you’re looking to buy one, you’ll probably want to get the best one available. After all, almost all smart speakers allow you to operate lights, play music, ask questions, make reminders, and much more just by using voice commands. And thanks to the development of smart speakers, tasks today are more straightforward. If you’re wondering what else you can do with one, we have you covered!


What is a smart speaker, and how does it work?

A smart speaker is a voice-activated gadget which comes with a virtual assistant to carry out daily chores. A smart speaker also has other features, such as streaming music, recording appointments, and manage other smart home devices within the house. You can also control the temperature of your home or turn on the lights with a simple voice command.

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A virtual assistant can recognise and respond to voice commands and makes a key component of the smart speaker. When the speaker is awakened with its key phrase, it will listen to your query, send it through the system, and give a response. The more you speak to the speaker, the more the virtual assistant will pick up on your accent and vocabulary, enabling it to understand you better and provide you with more accurate responses.

Best features of a smart speaker

Control your home devices: Smart speakers can help you control your smart home devices. All you have to say is “Alexa, dim the lights,” and your device will put on the dimmer. All you need are smart home devices that can connect to your speakers.

Remember things: You can ask your smart speaker to remember things for you. Just ask your assistant to remember something for you. When you ask it the next time, it will recall it for you.

Help you sleep: Your smart speaker can help you relax by playing calming sounds and soft music. It can even tell you a bedtime story!

Online shopping: You can ask your smart speaker to order something for you online.

Intercom feature: If you have a smart speaker in every room of your house, then you can use it as an intercom and talk to people in other rooms.

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