Here’s why most Apple events take place in September  

Let's face it, everyone loves the fall, but Apple loves it a little more than we do 

Here’s why most Apple events take place in September  

The second half of the year is particularly exciting. After all, along with the mercury dipping, the festive season is upon us in all its glory. But, of course, if you’re an Apple enthusiast, you’ve probably bookmarked the entirety of September in anticipation of a launch.  

In fact, with a spotlight on the upcoming Far Out event, tech lovers across the globe have already deciphered a range of possible leaks and rumours. As an unwritten rule, Apple has invariably put out its new line-up of iPhones in September, since the unveiling of the iPhone 5. But if you pause to wonder about the logic behind this decision, Croma Unboxed has three possible theories that will help get you started:  

Back to work: September marks the reopening of schools in the west. It is only after the summer season winds up that people begin thinking about work. So, whether you’re a student looking to start afresh with a shiny new Apple iPhone or a business professional eyeing an upgrade, there couldn’t be a better month to invest in a brand-new phone. A possible reason why Apple would target September for its launch is because buying a new iPhone would be the last thing on your mind on a luxurious holiday! 

Holiday season: Holiday season in the west typically begins with Halloween in October and goes up to Christmas in December. Putting all your gifting woes to rest, Apple unveils its line-up of products in September, ensuring you have the best at the beginning of the high season. And while most may not resort to gifting a new iPhone, several also use this as an opportunity to grab an older model for themselves or their loved ones.  

Apple-picking season: Bizarre, right? But Apple is best known for its quirks and easter eggs. While this reason may just be another fan theory, Apple picking season in the west commences from late August to November, making September the best month for the activity! So, if you think the brand is hinting at something, you’re definitely not the only one.  

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