How to check air pollution levels in your area on Google Maps

Beat the pollution

How to check air pollution levels in your area on Google Maps

Before you can have the bliss of winter fog, you might have to deal with the post-festivity smog. Let’s face it, all the crackers, combined with vehicular and industrial pollution, surely can’t be good for us. And while most of us are armed with an air purifier nowadays, it’s always a better idea to look up the AQI before heading out.

Of course, there are plenty of apps or websites you can refer to, but Google has introduced a way to get real-time updates on Google Maps. Whether you’re using an Android or an iOS device, Google’s Air Quality tool can effectively check for the AQI of the area you desire. So, if you’re wondering how to work with it, we have it simplified for you in the list below.

How to check Air Quality Index of your area on Google Maps

– Launch Google Maps on your Android or iOS device

– Pinpoint your current location using the target button, or search for another location of your choice

– Once you’re at the area you want to choose, click on the ‘layers’ option present at the top right corner of your screen

– Amid all the other layers, you will see an Air Quality option; click on it and wait for it to load

– You can now view the Air Quality Index of the area and its surrounding localities

If you’re living in an area with an AQI between moderate to severe, ensure you have an air purifier to combat the pollutants present in the air you breathe. Bad air quality poses a grave risk to the environment and body, and it is advisable to avoid stepping out unless necessary.

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