10 iOS 17 features that you can look forward to this year

From expressive communication to simplified sharing, iOS 17 brings a lot to the table

10 iOS 17 features that you can look forward to this year

Apple unveiled iOS 17 alongside several other offerings at WWDC 2023, and with it came a host of updates to enhance your iPhone experience. Without losing the focus on privacy, the tech giant introduced a host of features aimed to transform how you use your iPhone today. If you couldn’t catch up on the live broadcast, we have you covered with 10 essential highlights from the iOS 17 announcement.

10 noteworthy iOS 17 features

1) Sharing passwords

There’s a new, more secure, way of sharing passwords with your trusted contacts with iOS 17. Users can now create a group and pick a set of contacts they want to share the passwords with — and yes, don’t worry, you can remove and add anyone you’d like without any additional steps.

2) Contacts poster

If you, like us, enjoyed the lock screen update, you can now have similar posters for selected contacts on your iPhone. Apart from modifying the font and its colour, users can also add Memojis to their caller ID for a more personalised touch. 

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3) Live voicemail

Say you’re in a meeting and can’t take incoming calls; iOS 17 has a new feature that silently transcribes your voicemail for you and helps you determine if it is crucial. The real-time transcription appears on the screen and is end-to-end encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about the contents of your voicemail and take the call based on urgency. 

10 iOS 17 features that you can look forward to this year
4) Record messages on FaceTime

FaceTime can now support audio and video messages that users can leave if the person they’re trying to reach is unavailable. Additionally, you can also add reactions to your calls, making them interactive and fun depending on your mood. These include hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams, rain, and more.

5) New and improved messages

Messages now have search filters for precise results. A cool new ‘catch-up arrow’ allows you to jump to the first message, and you can even reply inline faster with a right swipe on your message. Apart from these, your audio messages can also be transcribed if you cannot listen to them.

Apple also introduced a Check-in feature that alerts you when a friend or family member has reached their destination. However, in case of delay, it shares vital information such as their battery level and cell service details on the iPhone. 

10 iOS 17 features that you can look forward to this year
6) All-new sticker experience

Users can now access a sticker drawer with all their stickers in one place. These include your Live Stickers, Memojis, and Emojis. What’s more, Apple has transformed all its Emojis into stickers and allows all live photos to turn into stickers if required.

7) Namedrop with Airdrop

Sharing multiple contact cards with different people can get chaotic; however, this new iOS 17 feature allows you to swap details by simply having your iPhones in close proximity. Airdrop also doesn’t get any simpler, as now you can send your media by hovering your iPhone above the other. And, of course, if you’re worried about interrupting the transfer while you’re at a distance, the tech giant has ensured it continues even after you step away. 

8) Just say “Siri”

iOS 17 lets you connect with Siri without calling out the traditional wake words “Hey Siri”. You can simply start your command with “Siri” and continue adding more instructions without using the wake word again. 

9) Standby mode

iOS 17 lets you use your phone even while it is set aside, tilted and charging. Standby on iPhone displays information at a glance, along with your virtual widgets and live activities, such as flight trackers and timers, all while it is idle. 

10 iOS 17 features that you can look forward to this year
10) Journal

Putting a spotlight on mental health, iOS 17 also brings forth the Journal app (available later this year) to help users practice gratitude and focus on their mental well-being. The app uses on-device machine learning to personalise and curate your journal entries based on recent activity. Some of these include your workout routines, location, photos, and music. And, of course, all your information on Journal is end-to-end encrypted, meaning you don’t have to worry about security when you pen your experiences down. 

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