LG OLED Pose TV hands-on and first impressions

Up close with this minimalistic lifestyle television from the LG OLED Objet collection

LG OLED Pose TV hands-on and first impressions

Today, televisions are more or less the centrepiece of any household. Whether you place one in your living room or have a dedicated den to showcase your favourite titles at the end of a week, your television (more or less!) takes away the spotlight. Keeping the contemporary residence in mind, LG has raised the curtains on its latest offering from the Objet collection – LG OLED Pose TV. We had the opportunity to get up close to give you our take on the first impressions. Here’s all that you need to know.

LG OLED Pose TV design

A first look at the LG OLED Pose TV will remind you of an elegant photo frame, much like its distant cousin, LG OLED Easel. In fact, the television comes crafted with finesse and intricacy, which helps it blend into a contemporary household with ease. With its cream, off-white facade and textured panel, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to mistake this television for furniture or a piece of art.


The 55-inch TV is sleek and comes with rounded edges. You also have a shelf at the back on top of its panel to help you stack your favourite magazines or postcards. However, what we loved the most about LG OLED Pose TV is its ability to conceal unwanted cables, USB and HDMI ports neatly. While you can easily hide the ports using the back panel, the wires can be stacked away in the foot (stand) of your LG OLED Pose television. And if you’re not in favour of propping your TV up, you also have the option of wall or table mounting it as and when required.

LG OLED Pose TV features to look out for

LG’s smart TV runs WebOS, giving you access to your favourite OTT platforms and the internet effortlessly. Additionally, it offers Dolby Vision and Atmos for optimised picture and sound quality. Powered by α9 Gen5 AI Processor, with AI Picture Pro and AI 4K Upscaling, you can expect your favourite videos in crisp colours and clarity. It also comes with a game dashboard that allows easy access to essential settings and facilitates convenience during your gaming sessions.

LG OLED Pose TV details and availability

LG OLED Pose TV is priced at Rs 2,69,000 and is available on the brand’s official website. However, you can also purchase it at Croma – online and at stores.

LG Pose TV

LG OLED Pose TV initial Impressions

This sleek television from LG promises to offer an all-around experience with its specifications and design. Owing to its minimalistic exterior, you might have to plan your room’s décor to match up with the Pose TV. So far, the colour and picture quality seems to live up to the hype, but we can’t wait to deep-dive and explore all that it has to offer. Watch this space for a more detailed review.

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