Level up your AC with these 5 must-have accessories

Get more from your air conditioner

Level up your AC with these 5 must-have accessories

If you live in some of the hotter parts of the country, an air conditioner is a must-have. However, getting just an air conditioner is not the end of the story. You can add some useful accessories to your air conditioner to make your cooling experience even better. These accessories can make functioning easier or even add new features altogether. Here are five such accessories for your air conditioner.

Accessories you need to buy for your air conditioner

Air filters: One of the most important accessories for your AC is an air filter. It cleans the air that circulates through your home, preventing dust and other allergens from entering or recirculating into your living space. However, don’t forget that it is a good idea to replace your air filters every three months to ensure optimal airflow and energy efficiency for your AC.

Stabiliser: One of the most important accessories for ACs is a stabiliser. If you live in an area where voltage fluctuations can be a frequent annoyance, a stabilizer helps to protect the AC from unexpected voltage surges, ensuring that it works optimally. It also helps to reduce electricity consumption and extend the life of the AC unit.

Thermostat: Another key accessory you should consider investing in is a thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to customize the temperature settings in different rooms throughout the day, making life easier for you. Smart thermostats are also available, allowing you to control them remotely via an app on your phone or computer.

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AC bracket: AC brackets not only provide a secure and stable mounting platform for your AC unit, but also help reduce noise levels by preventing vibrations. With an AC bracket, you can rest assured that your air conditioner will be running safely and efficiently for years to come.

Smart remote: With ever-evolving technology, it is now possible to control your AC with just a few clicks. Smart remotes are one of the must-have accessories for your AC that make controlling the temperature easier and more efficient. With a smart remote, you can easily adjust the temperature of your AC from anywhere in the house. Moreover, you can also set schedules for when to turn on or off your AC. This ensures that you are not wasting energy by running your AC unnecessarily.

While these accessories will help you make the most of your AC, you can also consider investing in a ZipCare Protect and ZipCare Maintain plans to extend the life of your appliance

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