8 important air conditioner dos and dont’s 

Easy AC habits for a cooler, healthier home.

8 important air conditioner dos and dont’s 

Air conditioners, it is no mystery, provide much-needed relief during the infamous Indian summer. However, just as with any other appliance, there are a few ideal practices to follow with them, to keep them in tip-top shape always.  

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If you’re wondering just what these are, check out this list of eight AC dos and don’ts to ensure you can enjoy a comfortable, cool environment in your home, minimising unwanted side effects. 

8 important dos of air conditioners

1. Regular maintenance:

This ensures that your air conditioner operates efficiently and prevents costly breakdowns. This includes cleaning or replacing air filters, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting ductwork for leaks, and lubricating moving parts. 

2. Keep the outdoor unit area clean:

Make sure the area around the outdoor unit is free from debris, mould, and other obstructions. This ensures adequate airflow for the efficient operation of your AC. 

3. Set the thermostat correctly:

Ensure that the thermostat is set at a temperature that is cool enough to keep you comfortable, but energy efficient as well, at the same time. Hence, it should not be too low or too high. 

4. Use a ceiling fan:

You can turn on your ceiling fan while using an AC to distribute the cold air evenly throughout the room. It reduces the workload on your AC, thereby lowering energy costs. 

5. Maintain proper humidity levels:

You can make use of a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air, especially during humid condition. This also ensures your AC doesn’t end up having to work overtime, and and helps keep your electricity bills low.  

6. Use curtains and blinds:

Direct sunlight entering your room through your window will not allow the AC to effectively cool the room. Hence, it is advisable to use curtains and blinds during the hottest parts of the day. 

7. Insulate your room:

Proper insulation helps keep cool air in and hot air out, allowing your air conditioner to work more effectively and saving you money on energy bills. 

8. Seek professional help:

If any issues are beyond your expertise, seek professional help from qualified HVAC technicians. A trained technician can diagnose and repair the problem correctly, ensuring the continued operation of your air conditioner. 

8 important don’ts of air conditioners

1. Neglecting regular maintenance:

Don’t neglect regular maintenance, as it can reduce the efficiency of your AC. It can lead to issues like insufficient cooling and other malfunctions, fixing which may burn deep holes in your pockets. 

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2. Neglect maintenance of the outdoor unit:

Apart from servicing the indoor units, it is also important to check the wear and tear of the outdoor units and conduct regular maintenance of the same. 

3. Block vents:

Blocking vents with furniture, curtains, or other objects will restrict airflow to the AC. This can lead to problems like uneven cooling and increased energy consumption. 

4. Using other appliances on the same electric circuit:

If you use multiple appliances on the same electric circuit as your AC, it can lead to overloading. This in turn, can cause short circuits or even fires. Therefore, we recommend using a dedicated circuit for an AC. 

5. Ignore weird noises and odours:

An AC can make weird noises when there is a mechanical issue, and can emit strange odours if there is mould or mildew growth. Fix such issues immediately to prevent further damage and maintain indoor air quality. 

6. Adjust the thermostat drastically:

Constantly adjusting the thermostat and making rapid changes in temperature can strain your AC and increase energy consumption. It is advisable to set it a comfortable temperature and let it remain for a longer period. 

7. Delay repairs:

Do not delay repairs or replacements of your AC components. Ignoring and not resolving existing issues can lead to even bigger problems and higher repair costs. If your AC is too old and inefficient, it could be the right time to purchase a new one as well. 

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8. Buying an AC with an incorrect capacity:

Do not buy an oversized or undersized AC for your room. An oversized unit may short cycle, leading to uneven cooling and increased energy consumption, while an undersized unit may struggle to maintain the desired temperature. You can read this guide on what to consider while purchasing an AC. 

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