OnePlus Pad first look revealed: What to expect

OnePlus’s first tablet is just around the corner

OnePlus Pad first look revealed: What to expect

After what seems like ages, it looks like OnePlus is finally entering the tablet segment in India. With entries into accessories like smartwatches and audio products, tablets remained a blank spot in OnePlus’ portfolio in India, but that is set to change soon.

The brand has recently revealed on its website that a new tablet called the ‘OnePlus Pad’ will also be revealed during the company’s upcoming Cloud 11 launch event on February 11. At this event, we are expected to see a range of new OnePlus phones, a pair of new OnePlus TWS, and a new smart TV.

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But coming back to the tablet, here’s all we know so far about the device and what to expect ahead of the OnePlus Pad launch.

OnePlus Pad design

OnePlus hasn’t revealed much except a teaser image, which shows the tablet in a green shade, confirming at least one colour variant of the device. As per TechRadar, this colour will be called ‘Halo Green’. The report also reveals that the OnePlus Pad will feature an aluminium body and a cambered frame, both design aspects adding towards making the tablet feel more comfortable and premium in hand.

We also see in the image that the OnePlus Pad will feature a centre-aligned camera island on the back panel, with what looks like a single camera sitting above the OnePlus logo. The setup may be coming with a lesser number of sensors than what we have seen from competing brands like Xiaomi, but it remains to be seen if the OnePlus Pad will trump competitors with its specifications. 5G support will also be another crucial aspect on the device.

Speaking of which, OnePlus has hinted at the tablet experience being lag and stutter-free, with its tag line in the teaser on its website citing the device to be “Smooth without equal”. The tablet is also expected pack a version of OxygenOS, the brand’s signature software skin that is popular among fans since its inception back in 2015.

OnePlus Pad price

There is currently no information on the pricing of the OnePlus Pad, and with no concrete details on the specifications either, it is difficult to make a calculated guess either. However, OnePlus will be looking to offer a competitively priced device, especially for its debut in a new segment. Expect the OnePlus Pad price to be in line with those of rival tablets in the segment.

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With a launch date set for February 7, we think the tablet could be available on leading platforms from sometime in the two weeks after the launch, although we will have to wait for the launch event for more concrete details.

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