All you need to know about BLDC fans

We tell you how they differ from traditional fans

All you need to know about BLDC fans

Ceiling fans are a must-have appliance in our homes. They’re inexpensive and help with both cooling and ventilation. But if you’re ready to spend a bit more, there is a range of fans you should be looking at – BLDC ceiling fans. While buyers have often come across the term, not many know what a BLDC motor fan exactly is, and how it may differ from a conventional ceiling fan. Today, we shall look at all you need to know about the technology and whether you should spend the extra cash over one when buying a new fan.

What is a BLDC fan?

A BLDC motor stands for a Brush-Less DC (Direct Current) motor. In BLDC fans, these motors are used instead of the standard induction motor. The key difference in design here is the lack of a brush between the rotor and stator of the fan, which are the two key components responsible for the spinning action.

Instead, a BLDC ceiling fan will come with a PCB circuit that converts the alternating current (AC) supply of your home to direct current (DC). With no contact between the rotor and the stator, a BLDC motor generates much lesser heat compared to a regular ceiling fan, where friction from the brush causes components to heat up.

What are the benefits of a BLDC fan?

The primary benefit offered by a BLDC fan is a longer lifespan for the unit. Without a lot of generated heat, the fan’s internal components are relatively safer from heat-induced damage and can easily last much longer than a regular fain. This means less money spent on maintenance as well as more reliability. Nobody wants a fan to stop working in the middle of a hot afternoon!

Secondly, a BLDC fan is also better at energy savings. Since a lot of energy is not wasted as emitted heat, BLDC fans will usually be much more efficient with power consumption compared to regular fans. This is why you will often see BLDC fans featuring a 5-star BEE energy rating, which basically means maximum energy savings.

Who should go for BLDC fans?

Because of more advanced technology powering the appliance, BLDC motor fans can be expensive. Depending on the exact brand and variant you’re looking for, they can cost under Rs 3,000 or over Rs 15,000. That kind of cost may not be for everyone, especially if you have a bigger home and need multiple fans.
BLDC fans are, hence, ideal for users who may have the fan on for many hours at a time or for a large portion of the day. If your fan is being used most of the day, a BLDC fan’s savings may help you out in the longer run. On the other hand, if you sparsely use a fan, or want one as a complementary addition to your air conditioner, you might save some money getting a regular fan instead. For larger homes, you can also look into getting a BLDC fan for areas like the kitchen or the living room which may be occupied for most of the day, while lesser used rooms can use a regular fan.

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