How to clean a ceiling fan

A task you shouldn’t run away from

How to clean a ceiling fan

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India’s unique geological position offers a variety of weather conditions across the year. This is probably why ceiling fans are a common sight in the country. Unlike coolers and air conditioners, ceiling fans are a low-cost appliances that offer quick installation, lower energy bills and an overall hassle-free experience, great for when all you need is some quick ventilation.

However, ceiling fans still require a basic level of maintenance to ensure a long lifespan and efficient usage. Regardless of how clean you consider your home to be, all ceiling fans get dirty over time. We may avoid cleaning them every weekend, but cleaning ceiling fans is a crucial task that needs to be performed every now and then in a routine manner. So, let’s try to learn how to clean ceiling fans efficiently and as quickly as possible.

How to clean a ceiling fan?

It is a good idea to go through your fan’s manual first, to get to know your way around key areas of the fan. For fancier fans, this will also let you know more about any movable parts you might want to fasten before you start cleaning.

1. Before starting to clean the fan, make sure to turn off the power to the fan by turning off the circuit breaker.

2. If your fan is located more than 10 feet above then use a long handle duster or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove the dust on the blades of the fan.

3. You can use a lint-free cloth and a mild detergent, warm water solution to wipe clean the blades to properly get rid of settled dust.

4. If your fan blades have greasy build-up then pour a small amount of mineral spirit into a baby wipe and then wipe down the ceiling fan to get rid of it.

5. It is a good idea to check the fan for any loose parts or screws when you clean it.

6. It is a good idea to check the fan for any loose parts or screws when you clean it.

7. Once you are done with cleaning, turn the fan on to make sure it is working properly and there is no wobbling.

Regular cleaning of the ceiling fan would not only keep it hygienic, but also keep the allergens spawning from dust at bay. You will be able to keep the air dust free and keep the ceiling fan looking as good as new. It will also keep the room smelling fresh and clean. It is recommended that you clean your ceiling fan after the interval of every three months.

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