What are the types of lenses every photographer must have?

For a professional photographer, having different types of lenses that can serve different purposes is a must.

What are the types of lenses every photographer must have?

The right lens is what makes you click the photograph of the year. Whether you are just starting your career or passion as a photographer, the ‘kit lens‘ of the camera might be sufficient to explore the dimensions of photography. As you learn and want to explore more, you will need more lenses to open up new creative opportunities.

Investing in camera lenses will always give you greater returns in terms of your work and money. Having multiple lenses gives you the distance and angle versatility helping you to become a more artistic photographer. There are numerous camera lenses, each having some special features and benefits, but it is impractical to buy them all. Three major lenses are used by most professional photographers to click breath taking photos in almost any given situation.

General Purpose Zoom Lens

The general-purpose zoom lens allows you to explore an array of photo options without the hassle of changing the lens again and again. A range of 18mm to 70 mm is available with a standard general-purpose zoom lens. With this, you can capture an expansive view of nature shots.

Zoom lenses are popular among professionals and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If price is not your concern, you can go for an 18-55mm kit lens or a 24-70mm lens. A standard zoom lens will sit on any DSLR and offers a decent zoom for distant objects. You can shoot landscape, nature portraits, and street shots by adjusting your focal length range.

Macro Lens

A macro lens takes crisp pictures of tiny subjects with a very short focusing distance. Although macro lenses are special lenses, every photographer makes them a part of their tool kit. The lens is known for giving an outstanding level of detail to close objects. The fantastic magnification capabilities of the lens allow you to capture every minute detail of the subject.

The shallow depth of field of the macro lens allows you to focus on a narrow area and creates a blurred background. Macro lenses are not limited to taking images of close subjects, you can also turn them into incredible portrait lenses by adjusting the focal length.

Macro lenses are small and lightweight, making them very convenient to store in a camera bag and travel along. You can use these lenses to capture details of jewellery, clothing, food, insects, and flowers. Macro lenses open up the possibility of capturing crisp details of the subject that is otherwise not possible with non-macro lenses. So if you are a product photographer, then a macro lens is a must-have for your camera toolkit.

Telephoto Zoom Lens

Telephoto zoom lenses are a special type of long-focus lens that offers a wide field of view that is otherwise impossible to capture even by human eyes. It is considered an invaluable asset in the camera toolkit, if you are a photographer, you would know the importance of the telephoto zoom lens. You can click crisp pictures of the moon where you can see the details of the surface of the moon by zooming in the telephoto lens.

If you have the latest DSLR or mirror camera, then the telephoto zoom lens can open up a wide area of exploration for field views. Because these lenses have longer focal lengths, they give the best image for distant scenes. These lenses are best for shooting sports events, astrophotography, and wildlife and nature photography.

Further, the telephoto lens is divided into three categories including short (85mm to 135mm), medium (135mm to 300mm), and super-telephoto (beyond 300mm). High-end telephoto lenses solve the problem of dark distant images as they come with a wider maximum aperture that allows more light to enter the lens. You can easily capture images of moving objects using high-end telephoto lenses because their bigger aperture provides a faster shutter speed.

Whether a family gathering or any sports event, these three lenses are enough to add the element of versatility to your pictures. Whether you want to shoot in a landscape or portrait mode, these are designed to give fantastic results. Shop the lens of your choice on croma.com and show the world your photography skills.

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