What is a Polaroid camera?

Here's everything you need to know about these nifty little devices

What is a Polaroid camera?

Polaroid cameras have maintained their status of being the coolest camera ever since 1948. The camera is fun to , and super useful at the same time, especially when you are travelling or having a special occasion. Despite the emergence of smartphones with great camera quality and digital cameras, nothing can match the level of a sense of wonder that a Polaroid camera offers.

What is a Polaroid camera?  

Polaroid cameras are also known as instant cameras. It is a small and compact device that takes pictures and develops hardcopy instantly. Photographic films are used to produce images in these cameras. Polaroid cameras give you little creative control and are designed to point, shoot and print straight away, with photos developing in a couple of minutes.

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How does a Polaroid camera work?  

The working of the Polaroid camera is divided into 4 parts: mechanics, optics, chemistry, and ejecting the photo-

1. Mechanics

The film pack containing plastic negative sheets covered with reactive chemicals is loaded into the camera. Rollers are inside the camera that removes one negative from the pack and places it in front of the lens when a picture is being clicked.

2. Optics

This deal with the direction and reflected patterns of light. When you take a shot, the camera aperture opens, and the reflected light from the photographed object enters inside. Many other light technicalities are involved in this step.

3. Chemistry

Chemistry is involved because instant photography is only possible because of the chemical reaction that takes place on the negatives.

4. Ejecting the Photo

In this step, the negative is pressed down to provoke another chemical reaction to print the picture and produce the image.

Types of Polaroid camera 

1. Digital Polaroid cameras

Digital Polaroid cameras are the new edition to the instant camera family allowing you to edit the photo before printing. You can take pictures now and print them later with digital Polaroid Cameras. This way you can take as many photos as you want and print only the best-clicked pictures. You can easily edit or crop photos before printing them.

2. Analog Polaroid cameras

Analog Polaroid cameras are the traditional Polaroid cameras that give you the unedited and classic experience. The photos are ejected instantly, so you can capture the best moments of life in their raw form. In analog Polaroid cameras, traditional photography remains intact.

Core features of a Polaroid camera 

Knowing about the core features and specifications of the instant camera will not only help you in buying the best Polaroid camera for your need but also help in understanding the functions of the camera.

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Photo Size

Each camera film is different in size from the other. Choose the size of the camera film as per the specification of the camera as one camera can produce images in only one size.

Selfie Mirror

Polaroid Cameras do not have a flip screen option for selfies, rather it has a small mirror placed near the lens for taking selfies. So if you want your Polaroid to click selfies as well, look for the model that has this feature

Shutter Speed

Most of the basic Polaroid cameras come with a fixed shutter speed feature. However, some higher-end models give a wider range for the possible shutter speed.

Tripod Socket

Unless a camera has a built-in tripod mount at the bottom, it is difficult to use a tripod or monopod with it.

Editing Options

A digital Polaroid camera has in-camera editing options that allow you to edit and crop images after capturing the shot. This allows you to choose the best picture before printing, adjust the frames and filters and even reprint the photos you like.


Self-timers in Polaroid cameras make it easy to get great group shots. If you want to take your shot in front of the mountain and there is no one around, the self-timer feature will help.

With numerous options available in the market for Polaroid Cameras, you can go for any as per your choice and budget.

Polaroid Camera

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