10 best ePub readers for iOS and Android phones

Your portable bookshelf!

10 best ePub readers for iOS and Android phones

Whether you like reading books from the comfort of your couch or in a cramped public transport seat, there’s no denying the convenience of a phone. These days, you can carry your entire book collection in the palm of your hand.

An ePub file (electronic publication) is an eBook file format, which can be read on an iOS or Android phone. All you need is a dedicated ePub reader. Read on to find out about some of the best ePub readers out there.

Best ePub readers for your phone

Here’s curated list of top-rated ePub readers for your Android or iOS phones.

1. Apple books

Apple Books is known for its user-friendly interface and a large collection of books. Handy features include interactive reading, voice-over capabilities, and support for multimedia to name a few. It’s the go-to app for Apple enthusiasts looking for a smooth reading experience.

2. KyBook

KyBook Supports major eBook formats, Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) catalogues, and cloud storage. Other features include comfortable reading mode, powerful annotations, and a handy cataloguing system. With features like text-to-speech and compatibility with various cloud services, KyBook is a must-try for those who like versatility. This is however exclusive to iOS users.

3. Bluefire Reader

If you like customisation, Bluefire Reader has got you covered. This free ePub reader boasts Adobe DRM support, bookmarking, notes, and more.

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Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various online bookstores make it a top choice for readers who like to tailor their reading adventure.

4. Lithium: ePub Reader

Meet Lithium, the ePub reader with automatic book detection for Android. It offers an ad-free reading experience. But if you opt for the Pro version, you also get additional features like syncing across devices and custom reading themes.

5. FBReader

FBReader supports various formats and offers offline reading. Sync your library seamlessly, personalise your reading with different fonts and backgrounds, and enjoy a fast and highly customizable experience on both iOS and Android devices.

10 best ePub readers for iOS and Android phones

6. Moon Reader

This is a versatile e-reader for Android users. It offers thousands of ebooks with customisable themes, intelligent controls, and real page-turning effects.

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You can also upgrade to the Pro version for an ad-free experience and additional features.

7. Aldiko Book Reader

With Aldiko Book Reader you can read ebooks, comics, and audiobooks on both Android iOS devices. Import your own files, explore a rich catalogue, and enjoy customisation with multiple fonts and themes, all built on open-source software.

8. Google Play Books

Google’s app offers millions of eBooks and audiobooks, along with personalised recommendations, and a user-friendly interface. iOS users benefit from Siri Shortcuts, while Android users experience a pay-as-you-go model for comics, manga, and more.

9. MapleRead app

This app for iOS users offers features like immersive reading, library management, and a range of customisation options. There are different versions to choose from, including ‘SE’, ‘CE’ or the ‘SE-CE’ bundle. Each version offers a range of features.

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10. Kindle app

Whether you’re team Android or iOS, Kindle offers a versatile reading experience tailored to your device. The app brings over 8,50,000 books to your fingertips, with features like Whispersync to seamlessly sync your reading progress and annotations across all Kindle-ready devices.

Whether you like customising your experience or want modern features, there’s a reader for you. So, explore different ways to read on your device with ePub readers. Find the one that fits your style, download it, and start enjoying your digital books. Happy reading!

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